10 Shots Not to Miss in the First Days

Your baby has arrived!  Congratulations!  Now time is rushing past you and this baby is growing before your very eyes.  You are taking is all in as best you can in between cat naps but you also want to capture the essential moments.  Hospital newborn photos are becoming more and more popular.  Here is a little cheat sheet of the most quintessential new baby photos.  You can hire a photographer to professionally capture a Fresh 48 photos in your hospital, birth center, or home, or you can snap these photos on your cell phone.  Either way, it’s a lovely gift to one day be able to show your growing child his or her first days of life.


1. Close Up Hospital Newborn Photos

It probably goes without saying, but you are going to want to stare at the sweet little face of your baby every minute once she comes.  Be sure to capture an image of this sweet face on day one – either in the hospital, or wherever your deliver – it is amazing how quickly their faces change in those first few days.  I even suggest a close up face photo daily for a week if you can!  A great way to get this image is when baby is sleeping soundly, swaddled in a blanket or wrapped in something cozy.  You can create this image in the bassinet or in the middle of the bed, or even while someone else is holding her.

2. Hands and Feet Images

Another great opportunity to show the size of your little one.  Have her hold onto a parent’s finger, or have a loved one hold his tiny foot.  The hands and feet also often are adorned with medical bands which adds to the story.

3. Top of Head Picture

I love to capture the detail in a baby’s little head.  The amount and color of hair, the way it lays on her are also fun aspects of this image.  A great way to capture the size of your baby’s head is to have someone hold her.  This example shows Dad’s hand size in relation to his baby.

4. Yawn Photos

Oh the baby yawns!  There is something so sweet an innocent about a yawn.  Many babies will yawn a bunch right after waking up (or before falling asleep) so have your camera ready and capture that big stretch.

5. Bassinet Images

In the hospital, birthing center, or at home, your baby will sleep a LOT.  The snuggly sleeps are my favorite image, but your darling baby resting by your side lets her shine.  If you are in a place where they give birth information cards, be sure to include that in the image (and take it home with you!)

6. Eyes Open Shot

It doesn’t always happen in those first few days – and that’s okay!  But if you can snap a photo of your baby looking at you, do it!  The eyes change immensely from week to week developing their color gradually.  See if you can make note of what color they are on day one.

7. Photos of The Room

No matter where you deliver, that place now has a special significance to your family.  Being able to show your son or daughter where you brought him/her into the world is an amazing gift.  It is also fun to include yourself and visiting family in the image – to show a moment in time that can never be recreated.

8. Parents Photos

You just had a baby and all the attention is now on her!  But don’t forget about yourselves – hand the camera off to a friend or nurse, or capture a selfie.  You are the reason she is here and photos with her parents will be treasured dearly for years to come.

9. Siblings Images

Older siblings are a joy to watch as they meet their baby brother or sister for the first time.  The reactions span the whole spectrum: being uneasy about this newest addition to being ready to dive in and hold Baby.  Try to capture that first look and let your older child take in the moment rather than having her pose and smile.

10. Friends and Family Pictures

Anyone and everyone who comes to visit Baby in the first day is a part of his story.  You can let your baby know who came to visit in a visual way by snapping a photo of each person interacting with your baby in some way.

Experiment with more hospital newborn photos on your own and create lasting memories for your child!

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