3 Month Shelf Series Photo

February 2nd was Jillian’s 3 month birthday. And in true McNeil form, Jennifer has done a photo shoot for her milestone.  Jillian has volunteered for a shelf series photo in Jennifer McNeil Photography’s professional studio.  On the 10 foot wide seamless paper backdrop Jennifer took several photos of this happy little girl looking at the camera.  Jillian’s smile and eyes really light up when someone talks, coos, or makes weird sounds.  It is so fun to see her brighten up with such playfulness.

How to do a shelf series photo

The first thing you have to realize is that the shelf isn’t actually on the wall.  For safety reasons it is on the ground.  Jillian is actually looking up at the photographer.  The shelf used in prior photos had to be taped down because it was more top heavy.  This new shelf is more stable and allows for a bit more interaction.  It is also not as deep as the prior series shelf.  The second thing needed is something in the photo for size relation.  As your baby grows over the next year, you will want something the same size to show that increase in growth.  The teddy bear works great for us, as it is also a loving gift from her big brother.  It also adds an element to the photo for her to interact with when she is older.

The most important part of these is the consistency of the photos.  Over 12 months of photo sessions, the newborn photographer needs to get the same lighting effect on the baby each time.  The lights should be in the approximate same place and orientation to the shelf.  The props like a bear, ball or toys can be moved around depending on what new motor skills the baby has developed.  But overall the setup needs to remain static.  With that in mind, have fun creating your own shelf series photos.

If you would prefer not to do it yourself, or would like the touch of a professional newborn photographer, please reach out to Jennifer McNeil via her contact form to get more information about how to book and the process of creating great moments to last a lifetime.

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