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You Should Choose an Orange County Newborn Photographer over a Department Store

Having professional pictures taken of your newborn baby can be a great way to celebrate and remember that very special first few months. However, the term “professional” is sometimes used very loosely and to some.  It might simply mean turning the camera work over to someone else. And because department store photos are so familiar to so many, they’re the choice of many new parents. Here are five very good reasons why you should choose a professional Orange County newborn photographer instead.

Reason 5 – Individual attention

Once you arrive at a department store for a shoot, you’ll have different package options thrust into your hands.  You’ll have to flip through them and make some quick decisions about poses and prices. Those decisions will be rushed, and they could have a significant impact on your final images. A professional photographer however, will take the time to sit down with you, find out what you’re expecting from the shoot.  They will also ask what you’d like from your final images. They’ll go to every length to make sure that you feel as though you’re part of the process, and not just the next person standing in line.

Reason 4- Professional equipment

Professional photographers come with professional equipment.  Better yet, they know how to use it for whatever style they are hoping to achieve.  Many newborn photographers in Santa Ana and its surrounding area will also have some of the cutest props you have ever seen!  The different types of lighting equipment and lenses a professional uses will make a drastic difference in your final pictures.  Plus you’ll get truly creative newborn photography to treasure for years to come.

Reason 3 – It’s safer to use professionals

Professionals always care about the safety of their clients, and this is particularly true with newborn photographers. They will take necessary steps which include making sure that their studio is always very clean, with age-appropriate toys and props. This will not only result in better pictures, but also make sure that the environment is safe for everyone involved in the shoot. Professional Orange County newborn photographers should also always be current with their vaccinations so be sure to ask if yours is. Although this type of protection is something you can’t see, a true professional knows it’s the only way to provide completely safe baby photography.

Reason 2 – You can be sure you’re getting a professional

This is a big reason to use a professional rather than getting your newborn pictures done at a department store. When you visit a store to have the pictures done, you’re probably not going to be working with an actual professional photographer.  This person has been trained to adhere to specific camera settings, point, and shoot – there is less room for creativity. The person taking pictures may have been doing it for a long time, but that doesn’t make them a professional. Worse, you could end up getting the high school student that’s just working weekends and simply sorts through standard backgrounds and poses with you.

When you choose to work with an actual professional, not only will you get the most artistic newborn photography.  You will also be sure that they live and breathe photography. They have made getting you that perfect picture their life’s work, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Top Reason 1 – Superior quality

You probably already know the kind of quality you’ll get from department store photos.  Your friends have them on their walls, you can see them at malls everywhere.  They are simple, nice, and while these photos might last for a little while.  An Orange County newborn photographer will be able to create quality heirloom artwork that will last for years to come.  It can be handed down generation to generation. A picture is worth a thousand words and when using a professional, the final product speaks for itself.









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