Capture your Baby in photos and have fun doing it!

Jennifer McNeil Photography has the props, talent and personality you are looking for to develop stunning neworn  photos for your baby.  With over ten yeas of newborn photography experience, you can book with confidence knowing you are in good hands.

Jenn is great with babies and kids! Honestly for us it was easy. We let Jenn have our baby and she took care of everything while we sat around comfortably with our toddler. – Danielle T.

Anaheim Newborn Photography

Newborn baby photography is for you to create memories that will last a lifetime.  These images will be passed down to your child and your grandchildren showing just how precious and tiny they were in their first few months.

Jennifer has many returning clients that get to know and trust her as a professional photographer.  Over 2,000 clients in Orange County have been in-front of her lens and loved the experience and the artwork she creates.  That is the reason she has been such a successful local photographer.


We to create exciting baby photos for your family

Bring your ideas and imagine your session during your consultation meeting with your photographer. Then create those cute newborn pictures during your shoot. Finally let Jennifer develop those images into beautiful artwork to hang on the walls of your home.

Sunset Silhouettes

If you are looking for a stunning sunset silhouette photo, call Jennifer to book. She loves creating these classic images.


Nature Trails

Wanting a more outdoorsy feel to your photos, OC Parks have plenty of trails to capture a more organic flow to your session.


In Studio

For a more classic look, Jennifer’s studio provides the professional equipment and location to create amazing maternity photos.


Love & Affection

Bring your partner along to add some love and affection to the photos. Your child will forever remember the love shared between the two of you.

Enjoy The Session!

Throughout her many years of being a professional photographer Jennifer has focused her skills on capturing cute maternity pictures. The best time for that is during what photographers call the “golden hour.” The magical time before the sun sets when the sky is creme colored and the light flattering.

During these sunset photo sessions Jennifer likes to create silhouettes to define your wonderful baby bump. If your style is to accentuate your pregnant belly there is nothing better than sunset silhouette.


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Anaheim Parks for Maternity Photos

As the largest city in Orange County, Anaheim has some terrific parks for maternity photoshoots. They are Featherly Regional Park and Yorba Regional Park, both are located next to the 91 freeway and the Santa Ana River Bed. The parks feature numerous locations for private wooded escapes for photos. They also have some wooden gazebos for a more classical touch for couples photos.

Featherly Regional Park

Located at 24001 Santa Ana Canyon Road in Anaheim.

Yorba Regional Park

Located at 7600 East La Palma in Anaheim

Get Everyone Involved in Newborn Photos

Capture the love of each other by including your partner in the newborn photo session. Most sessions allow for additional family members like children or parents to join in front of the camera for some photos. Including these people goes a long way to show your new child the family community that surrounds them even from before they were born.