Coto De Caza Newborn Photos | Baby Annika

Sweet baby Annika!  I hope you and my Baby M will grow up to be BFFs!

I met Annika’s mom, Alicia in an 8-week Mom’s group at The New Mom School soon after our sons were born.  She sat directly across from me and from the moment she spoke, I knew we could be friends.  After the course ended, we continued to hang out, grab lunch, yoga, etc and she has become one of my best friends.

Alicia is one of those people who just GETS ME!  We celebrate triumphs together and cheer each other up on hard momming days.  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her in my life.  When I found out she would be having another baby about 6 months after I would be, I was excited.  When I found out we were both having girls, I was ecstatic!

Newborn names

For months we chatted about our soon to be babies, then my newborn and her soon to be baby.  I had a name picked out and refused to share, and she had a list of 50 and I totally chose Annika’s name.  Then, she told me how excited she was to have me photograph baby Annika, and I thought, okay, this is my good friend, better not mess it up!

Really, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her – capture the purest tiny baby photos and get some AWESOME sibling images because let’s face it – that is the most challenging part of having a 2nd.  How on earth will you ever get photos of both your kids looking cute at the same time??  But big brother Jacob is such an amazing little kiddo and we have bonded over the years throughout numerous photo shoots and play dates.

The Newborn Photo Shoot

I start most newborn sessions with toddlers, with images of the big brother or sister.  It is so important to me that they feel special since their world has been recently turned upside down.  Jacob was as full of charm as ever – giggling and posing better than my own son ever does!  And then, as you’ll see, he holds his tiny baby sister and is the most gentle love bug you could ever wish for.

After toddler photos are through, it’s always smooth sailing.  Sleepy, dreamy baby girl rocked so many set ups.  You know I just had to throw in a few for good measure for my bestie, right?

Session Details

baby’s age: 12 days
grey couch: Custom Photo Props
jersey headbands: Hey Babe Props
floral crown: Baby Bliss Props
fluffy furs: Mimosa House
pink drop and wrap combo: Roses and Ruffles

Coto de Caza newborn photos created by Jennifer McNeil Photography.

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