Baby Hacks to MakeLife EasierBaby Hacks to Make Life Easier

Baby hacks can help solve your everyday baby dilemmas with ease. Try these baby care tips to ramp up your parenting level to expert.

Milk Based Hacks

  • Some babies don’t like taking breast milk from a bottle. To “trick” your baby into bottling, have the caregiver drape over his front a shirt you’ve worn. Your scent can help soothe your babe and focus on his dinner.
  • Forget the nursing pads? Cut a panty liner in two and use one half for each side. The same baby hack works if you forget to stock the diaper bag (and the spare bag in the car). Clean up baby and stick a pad in the diaper to shield tender skin from the wetness, along with providing more absorbency.
  • From spit-up to drool to snot, babies’ faces stay damp–and prone to chapping. To prevent red, irritated skin, clean and dry the area and apply a generous layer of baby-safe lip balm from nose to chin. Repeat as necessary.
  • Soak a washcloth with pumped milk, twist and freeze in a freezer bag. Baby will appreciate the comforting flavor and numbing effect on his gums.

Clothing Hacks

  • If you have a preemie or otherwise slim baby, put her pants on first and then snap the crotch of her bodysuit on the outside to hold the pants up. This baby hack also helps wriggly babies who crawl out of their pants.
  • Toss baby’s worn socks in a delicate items bag, so when it’s time to run a load, they’ll all stay together.
  • Warm your baby’s bath blanket in the dryer so when bath time is over, he can get toasty.

Diaper Hacks

  • If you hate hauling a huge diaper bag, take just the bare essentials in your bag (2 diapers, mini pack of wipes, burp cloth) and stow a more extensively packed bag in each car.
  • If you need to change the baby when out and about, use the inside of the car trunk as your changing table. It’s flatter than most back seats, roomy and baby can’t roll out. Plus, if you have a mishap, at least it’s in the trunk.
  • Keep a couple small plastic grocery bags in your diaper bag so you can contain the smell and mess of soiled clothing.
  • Instead of applying messy diaper cream with your hands, apply it to the inside of the clean diaper you’re about to close and dab it on where it’s needed
  • Alternate a couple mattress covers and crib sheets so when his diaper leaks at 3 a.m., all you need to do fix up the crib is peel off a layer instead of hunting up a dry sheet and mattress cover.
  • If your potty-training tot wets pull-on diapers without a qualm, try dressing him in regular underpants first. Then put the pull-on diaper over it. The clammy, wet underpants will provide more motivation to use the toilet, while the pull-on diaper will keep his clothing dry and your sofa safe.

Food Hacks

  • While you prepare dinner, keep your baby entertained in the high chair by offering frozen peas or little chunks of frozen fruit (select pieces that are the right size for your baby’s developmental age). Always keep your baby close whenever eating.
  • Relieve a gassy tummy by laying baby on his back and gently “bicycling” his legs. This baby hack has saved many parents’ sanity

Photography Hacks

  • Photograph baby fresh off a nap, change, meal and burping. You’ll likely elicit more cheery smiles if you satisfy all her needs first.
  • babies are most alter and smilely in the morning.  Try for a 9am-11am photo.  Any afternoon photos tend to cause more fuss and frustration.

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