Back at it with Mommy Yoga

This week I went to my first yoga class post birth with Ma Yoga Living at Spectra Yoga. Oh how missed the chorus of 12 babies crying at once during  this time of introspection and healing.  Not quite the ambiance one would expect from yoga.  But this is mommy and me yoga so every one of us there was happy and content. Even if just to be out of the house for a a short period that day.

It has been far too long! And I wish I could say that I felt like my old self again but this short and “easy” class kicked my butt! Pregnancy and birth are amazing.  But boy do they take a toll on the body. Recovery from the actual birth seemed so much smoother this time around.  I think it’s going to take me longer to adjust to this new me.

With more work, more heartbeats to care for, and therefore less time, I can’t get to class 7 days a week as I did before.  Let alone even 1 time a week it may seem. I’m really trying to take it easy on myself but I won’t lie, it’s frustrating being severely challenged by things that used to be more enjoyable. But there was a time when I laughed at yoga poses thinking I’d never achieve them.  Yet I did after much time and practice, proving to myself that I can do what i set out to accomplish.   So as with anything, I’ll take this 1 day at a time.  I know that I do have the time to achieve my goals both on and off the mat.

These classes are essential to get back into the routine, and life you had before your newborn came into the world.  Talk with the women there at the free new student courses and get to know the amazing community they offer.  There is so much support from all these women, welcoming you back out into the world and into a more centered and balanced you.

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