Back to school photos for your child from Jennifer McNeil PhotographyBack to School Photos

Make Them A+ This Year

Back to school photos commemorate a big moment in your little–or, not-so-little one’s life. The excitement and wonder of the first day mean a lot to children and teens. Instead of a random snapshot, take a little extra time to plan back to school photos that you’ll feel proud to share.

Progressive back to school photos

Beginning with your children’s very first day, take photos in the same location so that you can see how much they have grown over the years of back to school photos you’ve collected. Choose a background that grows with them, such as a favorite tree (lots of symbolism there!). Or, select a static one, like your front steps. Consider buying a large-sized t-shirt for your children to wear with their projected class year printed on the front, such as “2030” for a child entering kindergarten this fall. Have them pose in it for each year’s back to school pictures to demonstrate their growth over the years.

Play along with back to school pictures

Use a tripod and timer so you can join them in their school pictures. You could create a cheeky back to school photos by showing your joy (jumping in the air, for example), or turn it the other way around by showing your kids “comforting” you as you tearfully let them go. Perhaps you could pretend you’re pulling them off the porch as they hold on for dear life! Expressing a larger-than-life emotion in back to school photos really makes it fun for everyone.

Add a prop to back to school photos

You could also choose a prop for them to hold, but select something that works for both 6 and 16. A childish prop may work in the younger grades, but once they outgrow it, they’ll resist playing along when you take school photos. A hand-held chalkboard with the child’s name, grade and school year written on it provides a practical prop that ties in with school, too For example, “Ava, Grade 3, 2016-2017.”

Get professional back to school photos

Since these pictures mark important milestones for your children, consider calling or emailing me for a back to school photo shoot. Whether you live in Santa Ana, Tustin, Irvine or any surrounding area in Orange County, professional photography can make your back to school pictures lifelong keepsakes. See my site ( and my Facebook page ( for examples of back to school photos I’ve taken for your Orange County neighbors. Let’s make something special together!

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