Beautiful Nails for New Moms – or Anyone!

I have had the good fortune of meeting a new mom last week who helped me in a way I didn’t even know I needed help.

Being a mom is HARD!  And time and time again friends, family, and clients have told me they feel so different after birth, and put themselves last after having a child.  I was there too – heck I’m still there even though my son is nearly two!  You have this little human who needs you and so you give everything you can for them.  I’m not the only one right?

So when I met Tara, I didn’t even know I needed what she was selling.  Nail polish!  Now I’ve been known to paint my nails but if I’m being honest, I haven’t had a manicure since my son was born.  There is no time – and I’m constantly working with my hands so I don’t want to go sign up for a service that I’ll only ruin in an hour’s time.  And spending 30 minutes to do my own?  I’d most certainly be interrupted 3 nails in.

Enter Tara Ballman with Color Street.  These manicure packs look like nail decals, and they are just as easy but so much better!  They are real nail polish, super easy to apply perfectly without yucky polish all over my fingers, and they dry instantly!

I chuckled when I took a sample, but then I put them on and immediately needed more.

This is Tara’s story:

“I discovered Color Street through my husband, who brought home a sparkly twinsie sample pack, and I was instantly hooked! I used to have time to spend on things like my nails; although, in full disclosure, it was always hard to find enough time to polish and completely dry, even before the baby.

I waited for Isabella to go down for her nap before I tried to apply my first full set of 100% nail polish strips. I chose Mardi Gras because there’s something about that dark blue color and chaotic, light glitter that reminded me of motherhood.  True to form, her internal “Mom wants me to sleep now, so I’m going to wake up” alarm went off and she woke up mid-application. I couldn’t believe that I was able to hold my girl, change her diaper, and get her food ready without messing up the glitter polish I just applied. And, I was able to complete the other hand in between apple sauce bites!!

Here’s a picture of Isabella trying to spoil my DIY manicure. You can almost see the disappointment in her face. I won this battle! 😊”

First, I love that her hubby brought these home for her.  Second, yes!  You can put them on anywhere, while you do anything (within reason).  A huge time saver and I really feel great looking down at sparkly nails while I type and edit newborn photos.

If you want to check out all the awesomeness – visit Tara’s website at

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