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Carter’s Newborn Photography Session Will Make Your Heart Melt

Does it get any cuter than a chubby baby!? Carter came into the studio for his newborn photography session at just about one month old. You will see in the newborn photos that he starts the day off awake and alert! Some folks think that a baby has to be asleep for newborn photos, but that isn’t true. It is super helpful for a baby to be calm and relaxed though!

Carter enjoyed being swaddled while I documented his cuteness with infant pictures. Having a nice meal before our session did the trick! This kiddo stared at me while I did my thing.

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How Do You Swaddle Babies for Newborn Photography?

My favorite thing to do before taking any baby photos, is to wrap a baby up. You will see later that Carter also likes being unwrapped. Swaddling for newborn photography means that baby is nice and calm and can relax. I start with a wrap that shows hands and feet, then I cover the baby completely with the next layer, and add some texture with a third. This allows me to change the look up easily without disturbing a sleeping baby. Of course Carter didn’t mind when I unwrapped him – who knew!?

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Big Brother Jack Stole the Show With a Kiss

Of course part of any newborn photography session is sibling photos. Big brother Jack, age 5, did an amazing job of holding his new brother! I love including siblings in newborn photos because they can be so sweet and show the early bond that brothers have.

The logical next step is a family photo. It is so wonderful when the whole family comes together for an Orange County newborn photography session. I love working with all families, but this particular family was amazing! It was great chatting with everyone throughout the session, hearing how it is to adjust to life with 2 kiddos, Jack’s first day of school, and more!

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Babies are Super Cute as Animals!

Big, elaborate themed set ups for newborn photography sessions are not completely my style. But when I heard that Carter’s nursery theme was woodsy, I knew I had to put him in the little fox outfit! We also turned him into a bear, because, why not!?

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But simple, curled up, sleeping baby photos are still my favorite! There is something about looking at a little baby all curled up on his belly that reminds me of my son curled up on my chest – irresistible!  And simple, natural photos are very popular for Orange County newborn photography.

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I really could not get enough of this wonderful family and their sweet kids! We ended the day with a fun LA Dodgers photo for Josh (Dad).

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