Commercial Use and Licensing of Photos

Commercial use and licensing of photographs created by Jennifer McNeil Photography, Inc. begins at $588 depending on the project and scope of use.  Licensing and / or usage rights are required for all commercial uses of our images including but not limited to use online or in print such as brochures, websites, social media, wall art, billboards, advertisements, indoor or outdoor display and any self promotion or promotion of a business both for or not-for-profit.

Please note, private clients who purchase personal printing rights do not have the rights to license or distribute images created by Jennifer McNeil Photography and may only do so with express written consent and the appropriate licensing.  Should you have interest in utilizing an image that has been provided to a client of ours, please contact us directly for rates.

Any illegal or unauthorized use of photos will result in an invoice for fifteen times the posted rate to cover any damages which cannot always be calculated.