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Donut Smash Birthday Baby Photos

This weekend I had my very first children’s photo session with a doughnut smash instead of a cake smash photo session.  While I have taken many baby photos of children having first year birthday cake smashes, this was going to be a different concept.  I reached out to a follower on my Instagram page, Meg @anchorbakery.  She she loved the idea and was happy to help.  The backdrop I used was my 10 foot wide jet black paper.  I also setup a multicolor fabric rag banner and threw in some colorful balloons into the mix for some scatter.  Anchor Bakery (of Anaheim, California) specializes in baked mini doughnuts with delivery to your door and you can even sign up for a flavor of the month club!  I tried an extra one after the photo shoot and they are delicious.  You should definitely send Meg a note if you want some cute, small desserts for your baby birthday party, other special event, or a yummy personal treat.

The donut smash session

The portraits of this 2 year old birthday girl were fun to capture!  Our little girl seemed to be more interested in the decorations than the donuts.  But she did enjoy playing with the sparkles!  She took a while to warm up to the idea of eating during the photo session.  However, once she picked one up, gave it a lick, she began to take little bites of it to taste the yummy flavors.  She was so interested in the room, the props and the lights that I worked with her and my squeaky toy to keep her attention on me.  I, too, love a bright and colorful photo studio.  The session was so enjoyable with her and her wonderful mother.  They are a great pair and I welcome them back for more family portraits at anytime.

Do you want a donut smash session?

For those of you wanting a cake, taco, donut, or other food smash photo session, they are easy to setup here in my photo studio.  I have the perfect background for them, a giant 10 foot long roll of photography paper.  I roll it down from the ceiling and we use it as the floor during the photo shoot.  The donut smash takes place on the paper and when done, I simply cut off the messy part and throw it away.  No mess to large, no smash to great.  The only thing left to do is to eat the rest of the cake.  That I leave to the parents, and siblings.  There are a few choices of colors for the donut smash: pink, blue, black, white, grey and tan – and I can set up a custom backdrop just for you.  Contact me if you are interested in learning more about how to book your child’s one year donut smash session.
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  1. Thank you Jenn for the photo session- we had a great time. You’re so patient and talented at capturing great moments! Thank you to Meg for the yummy donuts as well!

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