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Fall: My Favorite Time of the Year

I’m still waiting for the weather to change for good, but we are a month into fall, and I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of the season with my growing family.  Fall always seems to bring great things – pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves, crisp cool nights and snuggles by the fire.

I met my husband in the fall, we were married in the fall, and this year, we’ll bring a new babe into the world.

So what will I do this year to celebrate the season?

Tomorrow, we will kick off the Halloween celebration with Treats in the Street in Old Town Orange.  My son has gotten so excited about Halloween.  He tells me about ghosts and bats and spiders as he learns and creates artwork themed for the holiday.  Last week when I told him I found out there would be a Halloween party at school, he said “Yes! We will have donuts!”  I hope that next Wednesday goes off without a hitch for him, but just in case I’m busy birthing a baby, I wanted to take him someplace special to wear his costume this week.  He’s going to be an airplane.  About a month ago he was afraid to put on the costume – no clue why! – but now he runs around the house “flying” and bumping into things.  He is excited for baby sister to be a bag of peanuts – you know – if she is available by then.  He asks me daily if she’s going to walk soon.

We also spent a day at Oktoberfest earlier this month.  Last year, Jeff and I went solo, but I am so glad we took our little man this year.  He had a blast on Family Day (every Sunday) listening to fun music, watching contests, playing on the playground, and of course eating!  He even ate some Schweineschnitzel.

I’m looking forward to cuddles and snuggles with my boys and my new babe in the coming weeks, spending cozy nights in our home making art, and visiting with out of town family.

What are you doing this season?

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