Jennifer McNeil Photography featured in VoyageLAJennifer McNeil Photography has been Featured in VoyageLA

During this year, Jennifer has been increasingly involved in the local business scene and has just been featured in VoyageLA.  VoyageLA  is an online magazine highlighting the best and brightest stories in Orange County.  Jennifer is honored to be one of the top photographers interviewed to represent Orange County and maternity and newborn photographers.

In the article Jennifer talks candidly about her beginning and love of photography.

It wasn’t until my nephew was born in 2010 that I found my true calling – babies! Being with him for long hours, soothing him and snuggling him, I was perfectly at ease. I knew I just had to work with newborns in some capacity. Over the next 3 years, I started teaching myself, worked with other studios, and learned from mentors in the field.

As the interview continues Jennifer discusses her successes and speed bumps as a small business owner. Thankfully some speed bumps can be overcome.

But I don’t think it is possible to go through life without struggles. The struggle makes every success so much sweeter. When a baby comes in crying and I am able to soothe her, it feels so good! And that’s my analogy for the business as a whole. Every baby cries. It is normal, part of life – and if you treat him with love, patience, and a positive attitude, magical moments occur.

The interview concludes with a discussion about the direction of maternity and newborn photography in the future, especially digital.

Maybe not in the next 5 or 10 years, but somewhere down the road, digital images on discs will be a thing of the past. Technology changes so quickly and it is easy to forget the media we used just a short time ago (floppy drives, zip drives, etc) because it is no longer easily accessible. I want my clients to forever enjoy their photos and digital media is just not a “forever” media.

Thank you to the writing staff for doing a featured in VoyageLA about local photographers.  Be sure to read the full article about Jennifer McNeil Photography and let your friends know about her great service, terrific photos and professional photo studio.

About VoyageLA

From their website:

We started Voyage Media in Los Angeles, with our flagship publication VoyageLA.  After generating our first million page views in LA we knew our content was resonating with the community. We’ve since grown to a handful of other amazing cities with the help of an amazing network of friends, associates, local insiders and influencers, PR firms, local bloggers, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Our Mission and Editorial Ethos

Our small team of 40 has been working hard to create a new type of media for our community. As you browse through our stories you’ll notice that many of our interviews aren’t as polished as you’ll find elsewhere in the media. That’s intentional – we believe that far too many in the media filter, edit, and polish away the personality of interviewees and as a result so much of what we see in the media feels like it’s coming from the same person, the same voice, etc.  We think it’s important for media to more authentically represent the communities they serve and so we try to ensure that voices of those we feature jump off the page.

VoyageLA also thinks artists rock.  We love small businesses, mom-n-pops, and hole-in-the-walls. We’re not snobs, but we aren’t fond of most chains.  VoyageLA thinks independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and other risk takers make our cities exciting to live in.  We cherish the rebel spirit, we don’t think just a handful of large corporations should control all of our commerce and we think smores with vegan marshmallows are better than normal marshmallows. VoyageLA respects people and organizations that take the path less traveled.  We root for the underdogs and we almost never say no to pizza.

Accordingly our mission is build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs, local institutions and those that make our city interesting.  We want to change the way people spend their money – rather than spending it with the big, cookie-cutter corporations we want them to spend their money with the independent, creative, local entrepreneurs, small businesses and artists.

And finally, we want the stories we share to help give our big city a little bit of that small town community charm, where people know each other and their stories at a deeper, more personal level.

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