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Lake Forest Maternity Photography by Orange County Photographer - Mustard Field

Lake Forest Maternity Photography in the Wildflowers

It is hot this week, and the poor wildflowers are drying up.  I am glad this couple came in soon enough to create some great Lake Forest maternity photography in the wildflower fields of the city before they go away for the season.  Molly came in with her own pregnancy picture ideas.  She wanted to have photos taken in yellow mustard fields in San Juan Capistrano.

I photograph many locations as an orange county photographer, so I am aware that San Juan Capistrano has permit fees. To avoid this, we settled on a small hillside in Lake Forest where we had the added benefit of sunset maternity photos!

Couple Maternity Photos, lake forest pictures

The Best Time for Maternity Photos in the Wildflowers

Spring.  Spring is the best time for wildflower bloom.  You can get away with doing some wildflower maternity photos in early summer but once it gets too hot, they dry up and turn brown and ugly. Who wants that? Another thing to consider is how popular an area is. If there is more foot traffic, the flowers will get trampled and die sooner. Maternity photography is all about life and growth, so flowers make for a wonderful photo prop!

maternity picture outfits pink lace gown

Choosing the Maternity Picture Outfits

When Molly and Vincent came to my Orange County photo studio to meet, we discussed what type maternity photos they wanted. Molly knew she wanted to be wearing gowns for these maternity photos, so I brought my selection out for her to try on.  Trying on maternity gowns is a fun way for me to get to know my clients likes and dislikes.  I can plan for how to pose with their level of modesty in mind.

Molly’s first choice for maternity outfit was a grey gown with closed front. When she selected the next gown, a pink sheer lace split front maternity photo gown, she wasn’t sure about the sheer fabric.  I added an under layer for more coverage.  Of course we added a flower crown to this look to create an elegant maternity photo style.  This particular flower crown, I created using flowers I picked up at Michael’s.

silhouette maternity photos - lake forest maternity photography

Capturing Silhouette Maternity Photos

My favorite thing during maternity photos, is to create a silhouette of the woman’s pregnant body!  Not every location lends itself well to this. Molly had seen some of my silhouette maternity photos and liked them.  This location in Lake Forest was a bit new to me, so I wasn’t sure how much sunset I would get.  It turned out that the hill put us high enough above the buildings in the background that I was able to achieve a couple maternity pictures with silhouettes!

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