Maternity Photo dresses

Dresses for maternity photos during your pregnancy fall into two main categories, open belly and covered belly.  These maternity picture outfits often can have similar necklines and features. Some open belly dresses can have the two flowing wings held closed to create a covered belly look.  The best way to determine which dress is right for you is to find the photos you feel would best fit your personality and that speak to you the most.

Maternity Dress Styles

Compare a few of them and find out which style of dress fits your ideal maternity picture outfit, open belly or covered belly.  Jennifer McNeil has several dresses in various colors and styles for you to try on during a consultation visit.  At times the maternity shoot is on location, and choosing your dresses ahead of time is essential. Or you can purchase your own dress to use in your maternity shoot, no matter what you wear, the pregnancy glow will be sure to shine through.  My current favorite vendor for high quality, beautiful gowns is Sew Trendy.

Open Belly Maternity Dresses

Open belly dresses show your beautiful baby bump for the camera.  This is a more natural way to take maternity photos during your pregnancy.  It is often thought to be the more revealing of the two options, but keep in mind that a professional will be able to capture you tastefully with whatever gown you choose.

These maternity picture outfits will show your belly skin, along with the tell tale signs of pregnancy – did your inny become an outy?  Do you have a dark line down your middle?  These things are all part of the story of how your body grew to accommodate a child.  You can allow all these marks of love and affection for your little one in the womb to shine or ask the photographer for some retouching of the final image if you so choose.

Covered Belly Maternity Dresses

Covered dresses are the perfect maternity picture outfits for a more conservative look.  If you don’t want to have your skin showing in the photos, these dresses will give a modest look.  While still providing the grace you desire in the photos.   As mentioned before, some covered maternity outfits are split front dresses.

A mommy-to-be can pin or just strategically hold to cover her baby bump.  In addition, covered belly dresses can even be any dresses you wear for on a daily basis, since there is no special split front, a dress from Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod or any other maternity clothes retailer.

Booking Maternity Photos

When to contact Jennifer McNeil Photography to book your session?  The sooner the better.   For more information, visit Session InformationNewborn and Maternity Photo StudioStyling Your SessionQuestions & Answers, and Soothing Baby During the Photo Shoot.

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