Monthly Mini Newborn Photos

Best for babies who have already arrived!

$395 Package includes one hour session and five digital images

Jennifer McNeil Photography is now offering a new type of photo session, monthly mini newborn photos. These sessions will be offered  on a specific  day each month.  Space is limited to three clients with newborn babies to book these hour mini newborn photo sessions.   Each month Jennifer will pick a new date for these sessions.  The dates will vary depending on Jennifer’s regular session bookings and availability.  Monthly mini newborn sessions will be given to those clients who recently had a baby.  Jennifer believes it is never too late to begin your baby photo journey.

When are the Monthly Mini Newborn Photos?

The next sessions are scheduled for:  Friday, August 23


Book now by sending in a new client inquiry form.

Future days will be released on Facebook, so be sure to follow her page.

What comes in the monthly mini newborn photo package for $395?

The 1 hour photo session.  These sessions are offered in Jennifer’s professional studio in Santa Ana.  Use of the props, wraps, swaddles, and headbands during the photo session.  Once you arrive at the studio you can choose one of the three gender neutral setups including baskets, crates, and beds.  Wraps and blankets will be color coordinated with the setup.  You can choose to add a headband or small prop if available.

After the session, Jennifer and her editor will review the photos and professionally edit them in Lightroom and Photoshop.  They will produce ten of the cutest photos of your little baby from the photo session.  You will then be invited back to the studio for an ordering appointment.  At that appointment you will choose the five digital images (mid-resolution) on a USB drive.  Mid resolution will allow for printing up to 8″ x 12″ photos at your local photo lab.  You will also have the option to upgrade to receive all edited images and order custom professional framed prints, canvases, and other keepsakes.

Can I add my son/daughter to the photos?

Due to the limited length of the mini newborn sessions, adding siblings or parents can’t be accomplished during this session.  You would need a longer session to include additional setups with siblings and parents.  Those can be done during full newborn sessions which are $250 and can be scheduled for during the week.

Can we schedule for a different day?

These sessions are scheduled back-to-back on a specific date for the widest range of clients to be able to attend.  If you are unable to attend during the next date, you can schedule a stand-alone newborn session to better match your schedule.  Please keep in mind that due to the limited nature of these offerings, retainer fees are non-refundable.

Can I reserve a monthly mini newborn photo session ahead of having my baby?

No.  If you would like to reserve a photo session ahead of your birth, a mini session can be penciled in based on your due date.  There is no need to wait for a monthly mini newborn session to take photos.  Monthly mini newborn photo sessions are for those who have already given birth to their little bundle of joy and baby must be under 1 month old.

Can I choose the poses, colors and props for the session?

You can choose between the three available setups that Jennifer will have pre-staged for your session.  The three setups will be from a range of gender neutral colors and can mix with boys and girls.  Jennifer is always very mindful of her clients’ concern for their newborn’s health, which is why no setup will be used twice during the photo day.

Can I bring outfits from home?

Unfortunately, the time constraints of these sessions along with the pre-determined setups doesn’t lend well to bringing family heirlooms or newborn outfits into the photo sessions.  You may bring it, but it is not guaranteed to be used in the photos.  If you would like a more customized session, you can book a stand-alone newborn session at anytime to cater to exactly your tastes in color, style, and theme.

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