Morning Lavender Café: A Perfect Respite for New Mom

A Bit about Morning Lavender Café

Morning Lavender Café in Old Town Tustin opened early in 2018 and I was lucky enough to discover it within a few weeks of their opening.  Since then it has become my place to escape and take a break when one is most needed.

Beginning as an online boutique clothing shop, this female owned company added something to their posh boutique that perfects the boutique experience – a café!  Kim Le and her husband Jason work together to make this place a success.

The coffee, teas, snacks and desserts are delicious!  My favorite order is a hot Lavender Latte and a Ham and Cheese Croissant.

So why is this the perfect place for a new mom?

Besides the obvious cute factor – floral whimsy is everywhere including a large rose wall – this space is practical and inviting for littles, too!

  1. Comfortable Seating. I like to limit the time my babe spends in her car seat, so I always look for a plush bench seat when I enter the café.  There are a lot of them and in a pinch, I can venture outside to even more benches where I lay a fluffy blanket down for Baby M.
  2. The music is upbeat and not so loud as to be obtrusive, but loud enough to mask a few cries. This is key for two reasons.  A.  White noise is soothing and B. No new mama needs all eyes on her with every peep baby makes.3. Baby Changing Station. This is a BIG one and for me it makes all the difference.  Instead of the hard plastic baby change stations in most restaurants, Kim has chosen to include a full changing station inside one of the two spacious bathrooms.  The comfy changing pad makes for happier babies, for sure, and the beauty of the whole room is inviting.  It sounds silly to gush about a changing station but to me it says “hey mama, you and your baby are welcome here”

Adding to that welcome feeling, every time I come, the staff are warm and inviting.  On a particular day when I sat outside nursing my daughter, a gentleman brought me my food and drink, and offered to refill my water.  It was clear he knew that would bring a little more peace to my day.

If you haven’t already done so, check out this fabulous spot – you won’t regret it!

Morning Lavender Café
330 El Camino Real, Tustin
Facebook: @morninglavenderoc
IG: @morninglavenderoc

Professional Photos by Brianna Caster & Co.

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