Newborn Photography Education and Mentoring

Below are options for newborn photography education with Jennifer McNeil Photography.  Choose from several 1 on 1 options or learn with a friend!  Contact Jenn for information about 2 on 1 options.  All photography education, training, and workshops available as a resource for those currently practicing photography as a business.  Mentee should have their own DSLR camera for most sessions.


Beginner Level Education:

Shadow Newborn Session

  • 2 hour
  • Session with live baby
  • Pre and post chat with Jenn
  • Watch Jenn swaddle, soothe, pose, and photograph a newborn baby under 3 weeks.
  • Ask questions before and after about the process

Hands on “SIB” Practice

  • 1.5 hours
  • Watch and learn from Jenn as she positions a lifelike Stand-in-Baby
  • Get hands on experience using this state of the art photography training tool
  • Choose from a variety of topics including wrapping and posing
  • Suitable for any level, customized to your needs

Live Demonstration

  • 3 hours
  • Session with live baby
  • Breaks throughout to discuss in detail the safety of each aspect of a session
  • Learn techniques for holding and positioning baby to keep them happy and comfortable!
  • Practice alongside Jenn with SIB

Intermediate / Advanced:

Assist A Newborn Session

  • Pre-Requisites:  Shadow Session, SIB Practice Session
  • 3 hours
  • Gain confidence with newborns by learning hands on
  • Watch as Jenn poses baby and help with safety and details
  • Practice wrapping a live baby and soothing her to sleep

Portfolio Builder

  • Pre-Requisites:  Shadow Session, SIB Practice Session, and Assisting Session
  • For those looking to add beautiful examples to their portfolio
  • Jenn will guide you with wrapping and posing
  • Use of studio equipment, props, wraps, and lighting
  • Photos you take are yours to edit and promote yourself with

1 on 1 – Q & A

  • 1 on 1 mentorship call – $150/hr
  • Speak directly with Jenn and get answers to questions about working with newborns and running a photography business
  • Available via phone or Zoom.


Monthly Mentorship

  • Includes a 1-hour monthly 1 on 1 call
  • Weekly assignments and image critique
  • Continuous support via email
  • 10% off any additional education/workshop/training while enrolled
  • Limited to 3 students
  • 6 months for $575, 12 months for $999

SIB + Shadow Day

  • 5 hours
  • Includes a shadowed newborn session and a hands on SIB session
  • Bonus extra hour of SIB practice
  • Takes place in one day
  • Includes lunch
  • $900 value

Portfolio + Pre Reqs

(over $900 savings!)
  • Includes all 4 trainings
  • Watch, learn, and practice your newborn photography skills
  • Portfolio builder to take place 1-2 weeks after completion of pre-requisites
  • Includes lunch when SIB + Shadow taken on same day
  • Bonus extra of 1 free month mentorship or $195 off a mentorship package


Photography Education Disclaimer

All education requires a 50% non-refundable retainer fee.  Balance is due 2 weeks prior to first session or training.  Monthly mentoring is to be paid in full prior to enrollment.