Newborn Photography Wrapping Tutorials

How do you wrap a baby?!

Newborn Wrapping Tutorial Part 1

Find out in this newborn wrapping tutorial!  There is a huge difference between wrapping up a baby for life and wrapping a baby for newborn photography.  See here how I create different looks with one wrap at a time so that your newborn photography session will go more smoothly and produce a variety of looks.

Newborn Wrapping Tutorial Part 2

Using different techniques, you can completely change the look of your newborn wrap which will allow for more variety in your poses and images.  Add layers of wraps to create an even more seamless transition between set ups. The layers can then be peeled back during the session to allow for multiple looks and color combinations which will increase your variety of looks to present at your in-person ordering session.

The following baby wrapping tutorial shows a stretch wrap used multiple ways including as a drape over baby in the bum up or on belly pose.  The material for the stretch wrap may be any type of material, good knit fabrics work well, as do some more open weaves like a cheese cloth type wraps.

With a twist or a flip of the fabric you can create vastly different looks with one piece of fabric.  When you start putting the hands and feet into the mix, the options are endless.  Babies love to be wrapped up which means you will start your session with a happy, sleeping baby every time and then you can allow your creativity to shine with different newborn photography techniques and newborn wrapping styles to suit you.  These newborn wrapping tutorial will hopefully help you with your flow and enable you to feel at ease with the different poses during your session.

Newborn baby photo by Jennifer McNeil Photography Newborn baby photo by Jennifer McNeil Photography Newborn baby photo by Jennifer McNeil PhotographyNewborn baby photo by Jennifer McNeil Photography

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