Newborn Photos

Jennifer McNeil Photography is here to create amazing newborn photos of your cute baby in her private studio.  Her colorful photos will make you fall in love with your little baby over and over again.  Jennifer captures these precious moments of your create bold, modern, eye-catching photos. She can help you capture the beloved times of your life by creating professional photographs. She is passionate about helping families, pregnant moms, and new dads save the newborn weeks before they grow up.  So the parents and family can treasure forever just how tiny and adorable their little one was.

Jennifer has had over 3,000 clients from Orange County trust her to take their infant pictures during the first few days since the birth of their son or daughter.  The skill and talent to be able to put a newborn baby to sleep to take photos in props, wraps, blankets, and even naked has taken years to develop and perfect.  Her ability to calm and ease the little one into a perfect state for newborn baby photos has earned her the title of baby whisperer.  If you want to learn more about what others have had to say about Jennifer’s newborn baby photography, check out her reviews.

“We are so grateful for your incredible talent!!! It was such a blessing to have you capture our little princess. We are so impressed by your studio and your gift for capturing such beautiful moments”
-Hayley M.

A Newborn Photographer with Experience

Jennifer McNeil has trusted by multiple hospitals in Orange County to conduct baby photos in delivery and postpartum rooms. Her ability to capture cherished newborn pictures during the first few days since birth is why so many clients choose her services over others.

What is Newborn Photography?

“I had an amazing experience with Jennifer. I felt very comfortable with her handling my baby and the photos were fantastic! Not only was it convenient for me but her studio space also felt like home. She was very creative with the backdrop and the setup. I would totally recommend Jennifer McNeil Photography to anyone.”
-Jessica V.

Newborn photography is the art of capturing a baby in images soon after they are born.  Newborn photos capture that time between when your little bundle of joy was so new that they are learning your voice, learning to nurse, and getting acclimated to life outside of mother’s womb.  This is the time when they are sleepy, when they want to curl up on you and nap.  The “awww” moments of being a parent.  Before walking, standing, crawling and turning over. These first few weeks are perfect for newborn baby photography. Be sure to capture these moments when your little one is just so tiny. When they can fit on your arm and rest with ease on your chest just hearing your heartbeat. These moments need to be captured in photos.  These moments can be turned into beautiful newborn baby photos.

Styles of Newborn Photo Sessions

A fresh 48 photo session is perfect for documenting a slice of the first 48 hours as a new parent. The baby photographer can come to your hospital room to capture your moments closest to delivery. Or once you are home the newborn photographer can join you there for infant pictures in the nursery. Either way, documenting the first few days is a terrific way to begin their keepsake memory book.

A full studio session for newborn photography is the most common way that new parents book baby photos. It is a 2-3 hour long session that has 3-4 different wraps, props and backdrops to several different looks, styles and creative poses for the newborn baby. It is a relaxed atmosphere where baby’s needs come first. There is a lot of nursing and calming efforts by both the mother and photographer to achieve the beautiful photos we all have seen. Sleepy babies are best for photos as they can be wrapped and unwrapped without fussing. The selection of colors, style, props and backdrops is all done at the in-person consultation. Contact Jennifer to begin your path to a consultation.

Newborn Photography without Defined Gender Types

Not all parents want to define their child through gender specific colors, Jennifer welcomes this approach. She has plenty of color options for your child to be wrapped in for the newborn baby photo session.

Where does the baby photography take place?

Newborn photos take place at Jennifer’s photo studio in Santa Ana, California. Her studio is large enough to have 3 pre-set locations for newborn photography. First, there is a 5 foot backdrop used for sibling photos. The second area is a bean bag and blanket setup for the close up baby photos. Lastly there is a large 10 foot wide backdrop area for family pictures with the infant. Also in the photo studio is an area for parents to sit and relax during the session, a sofa and two plush tufted chairs to sit in. The photo studio houses all of Jennifer’s wraps, blankets, carpets, headbands and props used during the photo session. During the consultation session the parents will choose the colors and props to use later. A day ahead of time Jennifer will prepare the photo studio and create a contact sheet of test shots with each outfit and backdrop to ensure all the newborn pictures are captured. Newborn baby photography takes a lot of time and effort to setup, create and capture those amazing baby moments.
“Wow, I love these pictures, I look at the one of the twins and just wonder what they are dreaming about.”
-Joe L.

Safety and Comfort is Paramount

As a mother herself, Jennifer understands the need to handle your baby with care during the session. She focuses on safety of your baby when holding, posing, wrapping and comforting them during the photo shoot. She has taken several safety courses to always be up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

Why take newborn pictures?

“We are beyond happy with Jennifer and her great work. We will be keeping her as our new photographer for any future sessions. We’ve gotten a sneak peak of our newborn pictures and they are GREAT!! We will definitely be contacting Jennifer for our newborns 1st birthday pictures.”
-Jenn G.

You take newborn photos for yourself.

Newborn photography is for the parents to have artwork to decorate the wall of their home with gorgeous images of their baby.  The photos are displayed to be a reminder of the happiness that their little bundle of joy brings to them.  Hanging on the walls is a moment in time that these parents will never get back.  When their little one was so tiny, so precious and so dependent on them for nursing, warmth and comfort.

You take baby photos for friends and family.

Almost everyone has a camera and can take photos to share, but the quality is low and the lighting poor.  Don’t send your family poorly taken photos from your point-and-shoot or your camera phone.  Trust a photographer to capture breathtaking images that will last for a lifetime.  These newborn baby photos will hang on aunt’s refrigerator and on grandma’s mantle.  Make the newborn pictures classy, worthy, and stunning.

Most importantly you take newborn baby photos for child.

Years from now, your child will look back and want to know where they came from.  What did my parents look like when I was born? What type of a family was I born into? These photos will tell them without a doubt how you felt during those first few weeks.  Where the love that they had back then, still beams from them in the here and now.  Newborn photos are hierlooms to pass down to your child when they are older, treasure the moments now, and remember them fondly for years to come.  Whether it is curled up in a wooden bowl, laying peacefully on a flower wreath or snuggling up to a family teddy bear, Jennifer is your best choice for newborn photographer.

Colorful Newborn Photos

Vibrant colors in the wraps, blankets and headbands will provide you with an endless array of options for styling your newborn photo session. Jennifer’s professional photo studio has them all organized so you can choose your options during your consultation meet

When do I schedule by baby photo session?

Schedule as soon as you know you want newborn photos!

There is no such thing as scheduling too early.  If you have an estimated due date, you can schedule your newborn photo session.  Several clients of mine have said “I don’t have the baby yet, how can we schedule a session?”  The session is blocked off for a date range around your estimated due date.  Once you have delivered your new baby, contact Jennifer to set a firm date to have your newborn photo session.  Jennifer tries to space out client due does to provide ample time to bring in the newborn baby whenever the timing is right for the session.

Newborn photos are best taken within the first 3-10 days of life. During this time frame your new baby is very sleepy, very hungry (which helps with staying asleep longer) and will be more agreeable to photos.  Sleepy babies are the best subjects to work with.  Newborn photos can be done as late as 4 weeks old, however at that age they have developed a keen interest in the world around them leading them to be more alert and awake.  This can be a positive thing if you are looking for more opened eyed photos.  Talk with Jennifer to determine which time frame is best for your newborn photos session.

“Jennifer took beautiful maternity photos and has taken photos of both my children. They love her! She has creative ideas and can set up good situations to get natural expressions from my kids.”
-Amber S.

The Right Talent to Make Dreams Come True

Over the past several years Jennifer has focused her skills and techniques to become a baby whisperer for newborn photos. She is the best at what she does and her reviews say so. Five star reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google all are a testimate to her never ending drive for beautiful artwork of your newborn.

How so I schedule a newborn photographer?

“She made us laugh and we felt like we were hanging out with a friend. She’s the kind of person you would want to go for coffee when the shoot is done just to chat.”
-Alyssa H.

Scheduling your newborn photos is easy.

The simplest way is for you to use Jennifer’s contact form to send her an e-mail directly.  On the page it will ask you several helpful questions to guide the process along.  You can also provide additional comments in the form to help Jennifer determine what scheduling will be right for your newborn photo session.  Once you have sent in the form, Jennifer will typically get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the receipt and begin discussions about what you are looking for from your photo session and if you want it in the photo studio or as a fresh 48 session in the hospital or at home.