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Pet portraits in your plans? Or perhaps family portraits that include your furry family members? Pet photos help preserve the memories of fun times with our beloved animals. But getting your pet to comply with family photography may not be as easy as you might initially think. Try these tips for pet photography success.

Choose the right time and venue

A dog that has snoozed home alone all day wants to run and play when you get home. Scheduling your family portrait right after work may be convenient for you (and this Santa Ana photography studio), but take your dog for a brisk walk first to spend that pent-up energy.  If your dog is used to romping in the park, you may have a difficult time expecting him to sit and stay for awhile for the family photo session, unless he is exceptionally well trained. Cats tend to feel nervous outside their familiar digs. Plan your pet portraits at your home to keep kitty relaxed.

Grooming & Treats

But remember that your pet may need a touch-up so keep the brush handy. Some animals shed if they’re anxious, so keep your pets calm during your family photo shoot. A clean-up rag can keep tidy those dogs prone to slobbering.  These familiar comfort items can help your pets relaxed and keep the family photo shoot fun. Just as your son might hold his soccer ball or your daughter might pose with her favorite bear in a family photo, your pet may wish to keep a favorite toy in its paws.

Staying Still & Alert Responses

Some pets favor one family member over another. Have that person hold the pet during your family portrait session. If you’re snapping photos yourself, use an action or “sport” setting on your camera, in case your pets wiggle during the session.  For most pets, that means the ears are up and forward and the eyes look wide-open and bright. Both cats and dogs perk up at the sound of a kiss. Or an off-the-wall sound, like a rooster crowing, arouses curiosity. If you’re using a selfie stick or camera timer, have a helper make the sounds while standing behind the camera. Pets tend to look at the source of the sound.  Don’t expect to snap the best photo first. In my experience as an Orange County photographer, I have learned that sometimes it takes several photos to get the perfect family portrait. Keep the photography session short and retry later if you need to.

Pet portraits can be fun. If you’d like a professional pet photography session in Tustin, or wish to include your pets in your Orange County family photo, let me know. I’ll be glad to help.

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