Breastfeeding Photography

Capture the bond between baby and mom.

These lovely mothers invited me to share their breastfeeding experiences with them.  As a It is so wonderful to see the love and affection these mothers have for their newborn babies.  Whether nursing comes with ease or creates a challenge, it is a gift to share with your child and my pleasure to document for you.  I would feel so honored if you were to choose me as your breastfeeding photographer.

Reach out and contact Jennifer via phone at (714) 758-5366 or e-mail to begin booking your session today!

Intimate Moments with Breastfeeding Photos

In my photo studio, these beautiful moms have opened up to let me capture the moments with their little ones feeding.  I welcome all mothers to allow these moments to occur during specific nursing sessions, or during a regular newborn photo shoot.  Either way, these times when you are providing your baby boy or baby girl with all the nourishment they need in life is just such a natural moment.

The bond of a breastfeeding baby and their mother

Breastfed babies in the studio are a wonderfully enjoyable sight.  Jennifer, with two babies of her own, knows the subtle signals and signs of hunger a newborn exhibits during a photo shoot.  She is able to help keep baby happy and well fed and will suggest times between setups for baby nursing.