Newborn Photo Gallery

 The cutest baby photography ever!

Just when you thought the internet had thrown all the cuteness it had at you you saw the newborn photo gallery.  How lucky I am to be able to use my gift to add to that? Yes, all babies are cute, and it is my biggest passion to capture that with artistic photography.  Resulting in images you will be proud to share online and on the walls of your home.  Baby photography is about preserving the moment for the years to come.  It is to be passed down to your children when they have their own children.

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Newborn Photo Shoots

These cute baby photos take time and patience to create pieces of art worthy of hanging on your walls at home.  Professional photographers, like Jennifer, have the right skills to help clam your baby girl or baby boy into a slumber. A posed newborn is much easier to achieve when sleepy than when awake and fussy. Sleepy babies also make it easier move their tiny hands and feet to perfect poses.  Jennifer has developed these skills over the past 14 years of newborn photography both in the hospital and in her studio.

Newborn Photography Tips from a Pro

There are a few simple ways that Jennifer helps your baby relax during in the studio.  A climate controlled space is one area.  With a portable space heater she helps warm those nearly naked baby bottoms during the photo shoot.  She also encourages a calm space by having white noise from a shusher playing near to the setup.  And finally, she uses a vibrating pad on those babies what need a little extra motion and rhythm to blissfully drift to sleep. Which helps make it possible to bring to you this newborn photo gallery.