Progress Pregnancy Photography

Capture your journey from finding out you are pregnant to holding your new baby

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Progress pregnancy photography is all about the grace of the changes to your body as it prepares to bring into the world your baby.  The process is a simple one.  However, it takes many visits to the studio to capture the full effect of your journey during pregnancy to motherhood.  Progress pregnancy photos can be an alternative or add-on to traditional maternity photos.  There are few items to consider when you are thinking about a progress pregnancy session.  Here are the most important ones.

Plan ahead for your progress pregnancy package

In order to get the best photos for your timeline, it is advised to contact Jennifer McNeil Photography as soon as you know you are pregnant and want to book her services.  This will enable you and Jennifer to coordinate a schedule for sessions at her Santa Ana studio.  Schedules for progress pregnancy packages can include as little as four sessions and as many as ten.  The number of sessions will depend on the availability of Jennifer McNeil and the client to coordinate a in-studio photo session.

The most dramatic progress styled photos are done when there is a minor baby bump visible in the maternity gown.  That way the photos document the full pregnancy.  Others may opt for a more simple comparison at 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, due date and post-birth.  However you plan your progress pregnancy photo sessions, the sooner you begin the planning the better your timeline will look.

Consistency is important to the timeline of photos


When it comes to the placement of hands, hair, makeup and the maternity gown all of these are important to remain consistent throughout all the sessions.  During your one-on-one consult with Jennifer you two will talk about your plans for the progress pregnancy sessions.  The pose is determined at the first photo shoot in studio.  Most of the time it is a profile photo with a little “cheating” to show your whole face, and shoulders for a more three dimensional look than a simple two dimensional profile.

Your hair and makeup will need to be done the same way for each session.  For those thinking about a $50-$100 make-over for the first session, wait. You might want to think twice because some progress pregnancy schedules are 8 or 9 sessions.  Those costs add up quickly.  As for the maternity gown, Jennifer has a whole selection for you to choose from during your consult and that gown will be available for you each and every time you visit the studio for your updated photos.

Embrace your journey

From time to time some clients have been hesitant about their maternity photos.  They may be self-conscience about their physical appearance, or being in-front of the camera.  Jennifer will encourage you to embrace your body during this time of change.  It is an amazing time when we can bring a new life into the world and your body is already programmed and knows how to do it.  The changes are natural and necessary to have a happy and healthy baby.  Jennifer celebrates women of all shapes and sizes in her studio.  Every new mom is welcome to take photos with her, because having the photos is the most important thing to pass down to our children.  Saving these images of how you look when you carried your baby for nine months.  When your child is grown and looks back through the family albums, these photos will be a testament to your journey.  They will be a mile marker of your life and the start of your children’s.  Allow Jennifer to be a part of that journey and that legacy.  Contact her now for a free consultation.

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