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Rainbow Baby Newborn Photos and Celebrating National Rainbow Baby Day

Today is National Rainbow Baby Day! This one is pretty special to me as I just finished the gallery of a sweet little rainbow baby photos I created a couple weeks back.

What is a rainbow baby?

Rainbow babies are those who have been conceived after a previous loss with the rainbow symbolizing the beauty that can occur after a dark and storm time. Miscarriage and pregnancy loss is more common than you may know.  Several of my clients and many parents worldwide have experienced this tragic loss, but many come to me with ideas to celebrate their newest arrival through the rainbow theme.

Jaclyn Winne – Jack Wyatt’s Sister

I met Jaclyn’s parents last year and it was arguably their darkest day.  They had just lost their son Jack, at 24 weeks.  That was last year and we spent a very short time together as I was called to photograph baby Jack along with his parents before they said their last goodbyes.

This year, Mom called me with the joyous news that she was once again expecting, this time with a baby girl – her rainbow baby.  She wanted something very special to celebrate Jaclyn (and Jack) with a rainbow baby photo session, but also wanted to have classic newborn photos as well.

When Jaclyn’s parents brought in the special little doll that was made for Jack, my heart melted. This carefully made representation of the child they lost was weighted and sized according to Jack’s measurements at birth. This was the most darling representation of an angel baby I’ve seen.  The dolls are called preemie dolls, but can be made with open eyes for preemies or closed eyes for angels from Miracle Mumma (see link below).

Seeing these children’s parents again after over a year, was so sweet. Dad spoke so kindly of me and his thankfulness that I was with them last year to capture their firstborn and with that I spent my time fighting back tears as I swaddled this darling girl before me.

Session Details

baby’s age: 20 days
burgundy headband: Birdie Baby Boutique
rainbow headband: Hey Babe Props
fluffy furs, green wrap & chunky knitt: Mimosa House
angel/preemie doll: Miracle Mumma

Rainbow newborn photos by Jennifer McNeil photography in addition to all newborn photo sessions.

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