Rainbow Baby Photography

As a mother herself, seeing that line appear on a pregnancy test is the most exhilarating feeling the world.  That joy shared with your spouse is at times all you can ever think about.  There are sometimes moments of “what if” that creep into your mind now and then.  Fears of miscarriage, still birth or loss the baby along the journey to motherhood.  For some women these fears become a painful reality at the loss of their baby.  How does a woman come back from this cloudy place and share in the joy of living again?  How can she pick up the path to becoming a mommy once more and triumph after her dreams were dashed.

Boats sail on the rivers, and ships sail on the seas;
But clouds that sail across the sky are prettier than these.
There are bridges on the rivers, as pretty as you please;
But the bow that bridges heaven, and overtops the trees,
And builds a road from earth to sky, is prettier far than these.

-Christina Rossetti

What are rainbow babies?

A rainbow baby is a child born after the loss of their previous sibling for any reason.  The rainbow that results from a dark and rainy storm is always the brightest and that is where the name comes from.  The next little bundle of joy to join the family will be a rainbow of happiness and joy.

What Makes A Rainbow Baby So Special?

After any loss there is an abundance of emotion.  Through all of the pain and darkness, some families find hope and light with the birth of their next child.  A rainbow baby doesn’t mean that a family has written off those emotions, but takes that emotion and the spark of love and transforms it into a flame fed by the bliss and optimism of the next baby.

Jennifer’s Experience with Rainbow Babies

Jennifer loves to celebrate the joy of rainbow babies with her clients.  It is a core belief in Jennifer’s photography philosophy to capture and treasure these special moments in life.  Rainbow babies often infuse new life and vitality into the excited family as they await their new baby to be born.  Jennifer would love to join your family in sharing this special experience with you, while at the same time bring respectful of the path that lead you to having a rainbow baby.

Below are some of Jennifer’s work with rainbow baby photo shoots.  Parents often incorporate commemorative items into the photos, to represent their angels.  Jennifer has plenty of standard newborn photo session examples as well.

Bringing out the Rainbow in You

Whether in a park or studio, these fun and exuberance of the family comes through with unique and creative ideas to incorporate the rainbow theme into the photos.  Jennifer has several rainbow wraps, blankets and headbands to accessorize your newborn photo session.  There is no idea too small, no concept too large to consider for your maternity or newborn photos.  Contact Jennifer now to begin planning your maternity or newborn photo session for your rainbow baby.