Recruiting Reluctant Dad

Camera shy daddy? Let me help!

Most families want a family portrait taken after their baby is born. Popular poses for newborn photography in Orange County include each member of the family admiring the adorable new baby or gazing into the camera while holding their newborn. But as a Santa Ana photographer of families and newborns, I have found that one member of the family sometimes lacks enthusiasm before the photo session takes place: Dad. If you seek a family portrait in Tustin or are looking for an Orange County child photographer, keep in mind these tips for a beautiful family photo that keeps Dad engaged in the process.

Tips for involving Dad in the photo session:

  • Keep the clothing casual. If Dad’s not comfortable, the result looks stiff. No family or family photographer wants that! Coordinate everyone to Dad’s favorite outfit, but don’t feel you must match everything. Staying within the same color family and general style cues creates a beautiful family photo.
  • Pose casually. Instead of family portraits, which are more formal, lifestyle sessions let everyone–including Dad–relax and interact. This “non-posing” allows your Tustin photographer capture your family’s true selves. Including props and selecting a favorite family activity or venue, possibly your Orange County home, helps everyone act naturally. Although my specialty is newborn photography in Santa Ana, I am also an Orange County family photographer traveling to locations in Tustin, Irvine, Orange, and Laguna for park and beach family photos. Pick your family’s favorite place to hang out so the smiles form naturally.
  • Ask for Dad’s help. Does he want to hold your baby on his Harley? Or show baby “helping” with his tools? Ask for his ideas to make it fun. Perusing my website and Facebook may help you cook up a terrific idea for your photo shoot. Or tell me about his interests and I can help.
  • Compromise with his wishes. As an family photographer, I have cringed when I see family members bossing each other. By keeping your family portrait session a pleasant experience, everyone appears relaxed and happy in the photos because they really are!
  • Get your children onboard. Enthusiasm is contagious, and soon Dad will catch the photo bug.  99 times out of 100 dad becomes completely at ease when he is holding is baby.
  • Let the photographer know. At Jennifer McNeil Photography, we can help you plan a family photo shoot that is fun for everyone.
  • Schedule courteously. As a Tustin, CA photographer, and now in my new location in Santa Ana, CA, I have found that reluctant dads increase their resistance to newborn photography if they must cancel other plans. Don’t nix his weekly golf outing; I’m happy to schedule a time that meets everyone’s needs. Perhaps Dad can knock off work early to join in with the photography fun.

With a little forethought, we can make your newborn photography session, or family photo shoot a pleasure for each family member, including Dad.

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