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Reviews are the best way to really get honest feedback from my clients about my maternity and newborn photography.  We value their opinions and want to share them with everyone considering choosing Jennifer McNeil Photography for your family portrait sessions. Here’s what others are saying:

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jennifer and how wonderfully she conducted our photo shoot. From the moment I met Jenn, I just felt so welcomed and comfortable in her cute in home studio. How attuned she is with detail is amazing. How much love and tenderness she showed me was so comforting. She has such a natural way with families and photography, you can tell immediately this is her passion. I cannot wait for future family photography sessions with Jenn. I highly recommend a photo shoot with Jenn!!

– Crystal C.

Had my maternity and newborn session with Jenn! She is creative and really saw your vision and put it in the photo. Had so much fun at both sessions! Thank you for capturing our memories!

– Vila B.

Jenn is great with babies and kids! Honestly for us it was easy. We let Jenn have our baby and she took care of everything while we sat around comfortably with our toddler.

– Danielle T.

We are so grateful for your incredible talent!!! It was such a blessing to have you capture our little princess. We are so impressed by your studio and your gift for capturing such beautiful moments. The studio has it all too. Jennifer is incredible with babies and makes the experience seamless. Don’t hesitate to hire Jennifer! She is so good with young children and captures them so beautifully!

– Hayley M.

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Maternity, Newborn, Children, and Family Portrait Sessions

We were at the studio for about two hours. Jennifer took shots of my newborn, toddler and family. She was extremely patient with us all and attentive to detail. She used a variey of props and backgrounds for the different photos. Overall, it was a great experience. I would say that Jennifer is great with newborns, has a lot of experience, and takes phenomenal photos. She’s very professional and easy-going and wants to ensure the customer is satisfied.

– Jackie M.

We felt very welcomed and at ease doing our first ever photography session. Jennifer knew exactly how to act with our toddler and newborn and made the whole experience as smooth as it could be. The studio was really easy to find and helped having the sign right outside the door. I thought the studio was quaint and professional and loved all the props we could look at and use. Jennifer definitely knew how to handle a newborn and I really appreciated her asking me to spot the baby whenever she was a few feet away from the baby to get something.

– Bree M.

The experience was stress free and relaxing. Jenn did a great job at taking over and doing what she does best. Personally I’ve never been part of a photo session so I did not know what to expect. To me it was like an artist making artwork when Jenn started taking pictures.

– Alex V.

Super easy and fun! No stress! Lovely to work with! Super professional and great with kids!

– Allison H.

She did an amazing job with our mini session!! Her prices are very reasonable and the quality is excellent!

– Jeanne S.

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Maternity, Newborn, Children, and Family Portrait Sessions

You were great with [E] and I felt very comfortable when you were working with her. I loved the photos!

– Cara M.

We did our newborn photos with Jennifer at her “in home studio” and the experience couldn’t have been better and more pleasant. The atmosphere was perfect for the shoot, tons of props and different backdrops that can be used for the shoot, a sound machine for the baby, heating pads to out under baby for extra comfort and relaxation, changing station, drinks and snacks and much more. Of course, we met before hand to discuss details and pick the color scheme.

We showed up on the day of the shoot and the studio was amazing!!! Beautiful set ups, 3 different stations and a hand made set just for our colors that we chose. Jenn went above and beyond for us, treated us so well, and was very professional. Not to mention she is a baby whisperer!! She had all the right tools and skills to keep baby happy and co operating during the shoot! And the end result was fabulous! Every single shot was perfect it was hard to pick your favorite ones! Being a mom of a newborn, having to come in 10 days after the baby is born is not an easy task!! But Jenn made the whole experience very special and easy. It was a very memorable day.

– Ivana H.

I love all of my son’s photos. They are so adorable. Thank you!

– Melissa K.

I was looking to do a newborn shoot for my second child and didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for photos. We don’t like to put photos all over our house but mostly just wanted them for memories and for a keepsake since I had newborn photos done of my first. I called around many places but was not looking to spend $1000+ for packages when I simply only wanted digital files for myself to keep and to maybe print out some photos to get framed. Jennifer was more than accommodating and although she mostly advertises several different packages for her shoots, she offered to customize my “package” and I was able to purchase each item a la carte.

We had a pre-session consultation and she helped prepare me for the shoot and told me what to expect. Once we arrived at her in-home studio, we felt right at home and I was so impressed by all the different backdrops, props, and outfits she had. Before she started shooting, she offered us coffee or tea and told my husband and I to just relax on the couch and let her take care of the rest. The temperature was set perfectly in her studio so that the babies feel comfortable and cozy even when they’re naked or in just the swaddle. She also had a shusher to help relax the baby and a diaper changing station just in case accidents happen!

Everything in her studio is so professional and it made the newborn shoot go by smoothly. When the photos were ready (which was within two weeks!) she emailed us so we could set up a time to have a viewing and choose the images we wanted. The whole process was such a breeze and I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking to do a newborn shoot to go to Jenn! She’s amazing!

– Grace C.

It’s magical. It’s an eye popping beautiful piece of art.

– Amanda C.

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Maternity, Newborn, Children, and Family Portrait Sessions

We recently visited Jennifer’s in her home studio for our daughters newborn session. Since the first time I contact Jennifer asking all sort of question, she has been very professional, nice and helpful. On the day of the photo shoot I want my toddler to have some pictures with her sister but she wasn’t being very cooperative and our baby kept being fuzzy but Jennifer was great with both of our girls. She manage for our toddler to take some great pictures and for our newborn to have the perfect photo shoot. We are beyond happy with Jennifer and her great work. We will be keeping her as our new photographer for any future sessions. We’ve gotten a sneak peak of our newborn pictures and they are GREAT!! We will definitely be contacting Jennifer for our newborns 1st birthday pictures..

– Jenn G.

Wow, I love these pictures, I look at the one of the twins and just wonder what they are dreaming about.

– Joe L.

I had an amazing experience with Jennifer. I felt very comfortable with her handling my baby and the photos were fantastic! Not only was it convenient for me but her studio space also felt like home. She was very creative with the backdrop and the setup. I would totally recommend Jennifer McNeil Photography to anyone.

– Jessica V.

She made us laugh and we felt like we were hanging out with a friend. She’s the kind of person you would want to go for coffee when the shoot is done just to chat.

– Alyssa H.

Jennifer took beautiful maternity photos and has taken photos of both my children. They love her! She has creative ideas and can set up good situations to get natural expressions from my kids.

– Amber S.

She is very good with kids, so my son liked her very quickly, which is super helpful when trying to photograph little kids.

– Laura. M.

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Maternity, Newborn, Children, and Family Portrait Sessions









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