Rowland Heights Newborn Photos | Baby Emma

Girly and pure newborn photos for this brand new babe.

Emma’s mom Maricel loves purple just as much as I do, so Emma’s session centered around purples and pinks to coordinate with her nursery.   I do love these colors and it was fun to have multiple variations of pinks and purples to pair with the white set up and family photos.  This family opted to have their favorite image turned into a large canvas so that they could enjoy sweet little Emma daily.

Is 1 month too old for newborn photos or can we still get nice photos?

First of all, babies can be photographed at any age!  Also, no, a month may not be “too old.”  Every baby is so different, so you never know how he or she will be during our time together, but as you’ll see below, Emma rocks it at 1 month old.  As babies get older, they have fewer birth hormones in their bodies that lend to flexibility, so we simply do different posing.

Emma’s mom, like so many new mother’s, needed a little extra time to adjust before leaving the house.  Because she was having a difficult recovery, I suggested waiting.  Babies know when their mama isn’t feeling well and it can affect the session.  Sometimes, a month old will be awake for most of our session, which isn’t ideal, so I always suggest coming in sooner if possible.  In this session, however, Emma is sleeping soundly except for a couple wide eyed happy moments!

Are you from Rowland Heights? Newborn Photos are just a short drive away!

So much of my clientele is from central or south OC perhaps because it is closer to the beach for maternity sessions, or they have seen my work in OB offices, but I’m actually in north OC right near orange now, which is super centrally located for anyone in the OC/LA area.

Session Details

baby’s age: 1 month
white tieback: Jilly Headbands
purple tieback: Hey Babe Props
floral crown, floral wrap and tie back: Baby Bliss Props
mohair wrap, fluffy furs & grey chunky knit: Mimosa House

Rowland Heights newborn photos created by Jennifer McNeil Photography.

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