Say Yes to the Maternity Dress

Too many options online for maternity dresses

You are pregnant and a planner.  Also, you want to get maternity photos taken by a professional photographer.  However, you are besieged by the countless options of dresses online, but will they fit you the way you want.

Solution: say yes to the maternity dresses at Jennifer McNeil Photography.  Jennifer has over 20 dresses in a whole array of designs, a rainbow of colors, and with conservative and baby bump accentuating looks.  Use of her dresses is complimentary (free!) when you book a session with her.  Some dresses alone cost over $300 to buy yourself.  Instead, pick from one of the colorful options and personalize it with a custom headband or accessory. As with all dress styles, it does change with the times.  If there is a dress style that you have seen online, please bring it to your in-person consultation and talk about options available for you.  Jennifer does have some photographer discounts at various boutiques and can perhaps find a new dress for a less expensive price.

Can I try them on before I make a decision?

Of course you can, that is what a pre-session consultation is for.  During the consultation at Jennifer’s studio you will have the opportunity to try on any dresses you would like.  There are several ways to wear some of the dresses as open belly or closed belly dresses.  Some have optional shorts, tops and add on flowing skirts.  From the 20+ dresses there are options to have over 40 different looks by adding or subtracting these dress add-ons.

What if I still want to buy a dress for myself?

Yes of course you can.  Bringing your own dress is always an option for pregnancy photoshoots.  A word to the wise is to be sure you have done a recent measurement of your size to ensure it will fit you well.  Jennifer can help you get good measurements during your pre-session consult as well.  In some cases, she can even order the dress through her photographer discount with some retailers.  The best maternity dresses are Empire waist dresses to allow for plenty of flow for fabric over the baby bump.  The second best are A-line dresses with higher waists as well.  Some maxi dresses work well if they are a bit more stretchy.  As for the best skirts are asymmetrical, high-low, or floor length maxi for less focus on your legs.

Don’t delay, contact Jennifer McNeil Photography today to start your journey to maternity photos.  Document your pregnancy.  And continue with a newborn photography once your bundle of joy has arrived.  It’s never too late to get photos.

Progress Pregnancy Photos and Your Maternity Dress

With these unique styled photos of your body throughout the nine months, your maternity dress will need to remain the same to create the optimal effect during the timeline. You dress will be ready for you each and every time you come to the studio. Jennifer has all her dresses cleaned after each session. A clean studio is a well run studio.

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