Photo Session Styling

What props do you have for the photo session?

Session styling allows Jennifer to tailor the design of each session to your unique tastes.  Clients can give input about the various types of props available at the photo studio.  Props include items such as hats, diaper covers and other clothing, blankets and wraps, backgrounds and floor drops, toys and decorative pieces, baskets and boxes for baby to lay in and anything else Jennifer needs to comfortably situate baby into just the right pose.  All these items are available to her full session clients at her professional studio.  For on location photo shoots Jennifer may bring a few props that will fit the style and theme of your session.

Clients are more than welcome to bring any small items of your own to add to the session.  Jennifer will do her best to use your items for a personal touch so long as it can be used safely.  Most photos of your newborn baby will take place posed comfortably on a soft background.  The little one will be in diapers or completely undressed with crochet and knit items to complete the stylized look.  Jennifer seldom photographs baby in a full outfit but let her know if you have something special in mind.

When using any props, SAFETY comes first!  Mom and helpers will be involved in holding newborns until the setup is ready for them.  When placed in props she always is sure to look for the safest way to achieve the photo.  Jennifer is very mindful of your precious baby’s temperature and comfort as we take photos. If they are at ease they are during the session then she will get better photos as a result.

Which colors of wraps do you have to swaddle my baby in?

After being in the newborn photography business for a many years, Jennifer has collected so many colors of wraps, swaddles and blankets that she can honestly say there are plenty for you to choose from.  From blues and browns to pinks, purples and light pastel colors – any family can find a color which suits their child perfectly.  Send over a photo of your color choices from baby’s clothing or room and she would be glad to pull those out for you to view during your consult.  Jennifer likes to add color to her surroundings, so have fun and find the right colors to create those beautiful moments with your baby.

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