Soothing Baby

Soothing baby for newborn photosCalming your newborn for photos by soothing baby

A baby is the most precious gift I can imagine and you are probably seeking photographic services because you feel the same way.  But because this baby is brand new and full of surprises, he likely already has you thinking about his safety, well being, and happiness.  We have plenty of time built into out session for soothing, so there is no need to worry if baby is a little fussy the morning of our shoot.  There is space for you to feed or change him as needed, so please bring anything you need for that.  And if you use a pacifier, bring that along as well.

My job is not just taking pictures of your sweet baby, but also ensuring he or she is comfortable and safe.  This means I will use various techniques to soothe your child before and during our session.  Sometimes he will need mom for a feed or a change, but other times calming sounds or movements can be used without interruption to our session flow.  Sleep is common for a newborn during my sessions as the temperature is kept warm and my posing is all done in a fluid way as to not disturb him.

Soothing baby for newborn photos baby feetBaby Safety

Of course it is also my number one priority to keep baby safe.   Because of this, I will NEVER put him in a situation I believe would be risky, or uncomfortable.  Not all poses and props can be done with every baby and it is my responsibility to assess each instance and make decisions about what poses to use.  Keep in mind that the session is not about the prop, but about capturing your child as he/she is in this once in a lifetime moment.

If there are poses you have seen and would like to try, by all means let me know.  I am happy to explain how these poses can safely be done, and will often use your help to make them happen.  Depending on you baby’s age, flexibility, and overall temperament we will decide together what is right for him.

With your child’s safety in mind, please note that I am fully vaccinated for work with infants and children.  I receive yearly TB tests and flu shots to ensure that I stay healthy for working with kids.  I would never knowingly put your child in harms way which is why I clean and sanitize all items we will use during our session.  You can rest easy knowing I have taken the proper precautions to keep the studio clean for your visit.

Because I believe so strongly in baby safety, I have taken a number of courses on the topic of baby safety.  This allows me to learn from others in the industry and conduct photo sessions in the safest manner.

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