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When to Book Portraits

Booking Photo Portrait Sessions

Schedule sessions in advance for Newborn Photography

In order to not miss out, the best time for booking photo sessions is during pregnancy.  Your estimated due date will be reserved and put on the calendar with the idea that newborn baby will come sometime around that estimated due date.  The session time will be flexible so that should your baby boy or girl decide to arrive early, or late, that is okay too.  I limit the number of bookings to ensure that I have availability for all newborn photography clients whether their baby come before or after that time.  Photos of newborn babies typically take place three to ten days after delivery.  Book your session now, contact Jennifer McNeil Photography or call (714) 758-5366.

While you are in labor, the more I am in the loop on your delivery date the better I can reschedule my week to accommodate your new bundle of joy. I always do my best to accommodate this time frame even if you go into labor earlier or later than expected so long as you keep me posted.

Already delivered your newborn?

For those families who find a need for newborn photography later in your pregnancy, or perhaps after your beautiful baby is born, keep calm and call me.  The keyword to remember is “earlier.”  The earlier you contact me for newborn photos, the better my availability will be for your photography session.  Because I space out my photo sessions based on my client’s scheduled deliveries, there may be time to schedule your beautiful baby boy or girl to make it into my professional studio.  I’m overjoyed to have new clients and the earlier you contact me, the earlier I can start creating memories. It’s not too late to schedule a session for newborn photography, contact Jennifer McNeil Photography.

When should you book a maternity or pregnancy photographer?

Call to book a session as soon as you have decided on a photographer. The best time to actually take the photos is about 4 weeks before your due date.  Why 4 weeks?  Any closer to your due date and you could are more likely to go into labor.  Much further away and we lose a little bit of your rounded out baby belly.  The 34-36 week mark is a good buffer for both concerns.  As with all photographers, contacting me earlier gives you more opportunity to set the desired date and time for your session.  It also allows us to be more creative and find the right location, gowns and themes for your photos.  I love being creative with new ideas, dresses and locations.  Don’t hesitate to throw out some interesting concepts you have seen.  After all these are going to be shared for many years to come. Begin planning your maternity session now, contact Jennifer McNeil Photography.

How to choose a location or studio setup:

The choice of a studio session or on location session depends on the type of session you have booked and your personal preference.  The pros of a in-studio maternity photo session are that the light, temperate and background can be controlled.  This also allows you to be in a private setting, away from the general public and curious on-lookers.  The on-location photo session is affected by the time of day, weather, seasonality and actual spot where you are taking photos.  We can take photos in the middle of an open field or beach, or create your images in a more secluded area.  We will talk about any of your hopes and concerns for the location of the session at your pre-session consultation.  Jennifer is able to properly prepare to capture amazing photos of your baby bump no matter which location you choose.

What to wear during the session:

People ask all the time what colors they should wear, or if shoes are required.  It depends on you!  When you have your consultation with Jennifer McNeil before your maternity photos, you will discuss these items with her.  She will ask you what you feel comfortable wearing and how that can work into her existing gowns and props.  You may even try on one or more of the gowns in the studio to see what works best.  While most people choose at least one gown look, it is also an option to wear something you bring in.  Jenn will talk with you about what types of clothing work best for a pregnancy photo session.  It would also be a good idea to coordinate the outfits of any addition people who are going to be in the photos with you like dad, grandma or children.

 When to book a family photo session?

Most family portraits with Jennifer take place on weekday evenings.  Scheduling based on your family’s timetable is the best way to make a photography session successful.  Make some phone calls to ensure everyone has 2-3 common days and/or times available to do portraits.  Then contact Jennifer McNeil Photography to see if any of those dates will work.  Some weekend and weekday morning/afternoon sessions are also available depending on the location preference. Work closely with your photographer to find the right balance of time, location and lighting to make your photography session a success.  Start your family portrait booking now, contact Jennifer McNeil Photography or call (714) 758-5366.

For more information, visit Session Information, Newborn and Maternity Photo StudioStyling Your Session, Questions & Answers, and Soothing Baby During the Photo Shoot.


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