Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 1 Prompt

Capture images of the space where you are living.

Don’t tidy anything or change anything for sake of these photos, but simply walk into each room and take a photo of it as it stands on this day.


  1. Take a horizontal photo and stand back as far as you can
  2. Shoot multiple angles if you can’t fit the whole room in
  3. Include a doorway to create visual depth and interest

If you’d like to take a few close up images of key items in the room, that’s also great!  Last night my son and I baked muffins for this morning’s breakfast, so you will see that they are featured.  The close up on the muffins also distracts from the mess behind it!  Another image I wanted to be sure to include is our aisle of laundry baskets in the bedroom (and you’ll spy a full chair of laundry in the living room as well) because this is real life.

Don’t forget to post your photos in the group!

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