Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 12 Prompt

A view of the outside world.

What are you seeing / doing outside your home?


  1. Stuck inside?  Look out a window!
  2. What have you discovered in your yard?  In your neighborhood?  Include a close up of a beautiful flower or wildlife.
  3. Have you ventured out further from your neighborhood?  Document an essential trip if you can.

I think the hardest part about this stay home order is feeling trapped.  In reality, we aren’t really trapped – we can walk and hike and spend time in our yards (if we have them).  We can also go grocery shopping, though obviously some are choosing not to.  But, at least for me, these things are a change from the regular routine to which I had become accustomed.  So I’m trying to take a look at the beauty around me in nature because for a while it’s probably gone more unnoticed than I’d like to admit.

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