Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 14 Prompt

Connections from Afar.

How are you staying connected with your loved ones?


    1. Show who you are connecting with
    2. Capture the room where you are “hanging out” with other people
    3. Are you sending things to others?  If so, what?

I’ve been house bound for 3 weeks now.  Some days are great, some days feel lonely.  While my kids are pretty entertaining, what I’ve been enjoying most is connecting with my sister and her family.  We’ve had story time, knock knock joke hour, dinner, game night, and my sister and I have cocktails plans for Saturday.  Technology has been great for this.  A phone call is always nice, but a video chat seems somehow better.  I also received my first loving care package from said sister, though I have it quarantined in the garage.

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