Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 16 Prompt


Happiness or pure chaos – you decide – show us a real life moment.


  1. Action shots are best taken with a fast shutter speed.  You can use a “phone cheat” by pressing your shutter button consecutively and quickly.
  2. Panning: track your subject and move your camera while they move and your subject will be frozen and the background blurred with motion.

It seems we’re getting into a rhythm and life is okay in our house.  Everyone is safe and there is some semblance of normalcy.  But every day at naptime and bedtime there is excitement. I’m excited that I may get down time.  And then at bed, same, but J is excited for the next day and can’t seem to sleep. 🤣. During the day there are moments of peace.  Reading, Legos, quiet time… And then in a blink there are 2 kids running around in circles shrieking and laughing.  The chaos is not terrible but it is loud!

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