Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 17 Prompt


Show us your current projects – either completed or in progress.


  1. Beginning a project?  Take photos along the way and keep sharing!
  2. Both detail shots and environment (pull back) shots are great to tell the story.

J has been tending to his seed garden.  In the spirit of using what we’ve got, I am recycling an egg carton and the kids and I have filled it with dirt from the yard a few weeks back.  We went nuts with the pack of seeds, putting the WHOLE PACKET into the 12 tiny pods, so I hope we are rewarded greatly and can transplant them to larger pots.  He has been checking on his seeds daily.

We read Frog and Toad a lot and the Garden story was our inspiration.  We can sing to the seeds, read to them, keep them company, or just let them be.  I read to J to expect green to come in 10-20 days.  It has definitely given us something to look forward to — that an our Lego shipment!  Legos are another project the kids love.  And on my list of projects is my DESK – The last 3 weeks has done nothing good for it.

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