Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 2 Prompt

Take a photo of hands.

This could be your hands, or someone else’s.


  1. Capture the hands doing something
  2. Take a close up AND a pull back / wide angle shot


I feel like we are all washing more than we ever have before – even if we were good at washing!  Working in a hospital setting for many years, I know the 20 seconds, scrub all surfaces stuff, and sanitize on the way in and out of rooms.  The sanitizer and soap I have, however, is to blame for my extremely dry and cracked skin with all of this increased cleansing.  Thank goodness my sister sent me a Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set a while back because I’m seriously lathering hand cream all over my hands every night.

We’re also just making a lot more now that we’re home.  My husband and I are both making more food, my son is baking and building legos, and my daughter has been enjoying art.  We also made a Shamrock Sun Catcher the other day and some DIY goop for a sensory activity – both great things to fill your free time with!

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