Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 20 Prompt


Keep fun in your life – be silly and show us!  We all need a laugh.


  1. To catch a true silly moment of others, watch and wait, but have your camera ready to fire!
  2. Don’t prompt for the photo!

My daughter’s personality is really shining through this pandemic.  The little things she says and does daily are getting me through life.  My son is also a ham, but I’ve come to be used to it I guess.  Every once in a while he will get me with something, too.  This week we made a cake – silly enough, and of course J wants the “sticks and fire” on it.  But M had never had a slice of cake before.  Well I gave her the smallest little bit and she poked it with her finger several times, delicately eating and then the next thing I knew, she had gobbled it all up and was LICKING THE PLATE!  She laughed hysterically every time she brought it down, and then went right on licking.  Ok, she gets it from me!  Also pictured is Jordan eating a “brownie” from April Fool’s Day.


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