Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 25 Prompt


With Easter yesterday, I am thinking about how we are learning to adapt and make modifications to existing plans.  What did you do for Easter or what other adaptations have been made around your home?


  1. same vs. different – while some things are different from usual, what remained the same?
  2. Adaptations where you found joy

Every year my mother hosts an Easter egg hunt. In past years with health, we have had to modify the festivities with different food, etc. but we always try to do a hunt even if it’s not on Easter Day. This year, we did have plans to travel to the Bay Area to see my whole family but Covid19 and her hospital stay made that impossible. Thanks to technology I was able to have an Easter egg hunt here and video chat so she could watch.  It was M’s first official one and I think she now loves them!


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