Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 3 Prompt

Capture Love.

Look around you, who is in your home with you?  Where do you see love?


  1. Facial expressions show emotion
  2. Look for connections between people / pets / etc
  3. Love can also be shown by someone doing something for another
  4. Be a quiet observer to capture true emotion

Lifestyle photography is about telling a story, and much of that story comes from connections and emotions.  Love is abundant here with hugs from my kiddos all day long.  Being that we are home so much right now, my 2 kids have had more time together and last night I caught a sweet moment where J wrapped a blanket over M’s shoulders as she flipped through a book, and he sweetly put his hand around her.  It was too good not to snap, so I popped my phone around a corner and captured the image without their knowing.

orange county lifestyle photography siblings

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