Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 4 Prompt


I would love to get to know you better!  Share a self-portrait today and tell us about you!  This photo could be a simple selfie, or a lifestyle image showing you in your element.


  1. Put your camera on a tripod or prop up your phone on a ledge
  2. Others can be in the photo, but you should be the focus


I’m Jenn!  A full time photographer and lover of art, I also enjoy practicing yoga, and socializing with my closest friends.  I’ll be honest, not being able to do any of that as I regularly do right now makes me feel a little lost.  But I’m a mother to two awesome kids – 4 year old J and 1.5 year old M – who are keeping me entertained.  My husband, Jeff is working from home during this time while I am unable to work due to Coronavirus social distancing.  As a newborn photographer, I never thought there would be a time people wouldn’t have photos of their babies, so this makes me sad for a variety of reasons, but I’m trying to stay positive and hope that this will be short lived and I’ll be able to create beautiful images again for all the families who want them.

P.S. To support a great yoga studio through this pandemic, consider hopping over to Yoga Squared Online Yogis Facebook Group and join me in creating time and space in your home for your yoga practice.

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