Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 6 Prompt

Create fun, capture playtime.

So I know it is Wednesday, work day – although it is hard to keep track!  But hopefully you are able to have some fun and play time today!


  1. Experiment with portrait mode on your phone if you haven’t already
  2. Get detail shots of favorite toys or activities.


Thanks to moms sharing info, a friend of mine suggested water play with random household / kitchen items and it was a BLAST!  My favorite was the steamer pot making rain.  I also utilized 1 ounce pour spigots and a spray bottle.  J has been playing with Legos a LOT.  It is a great activity for him right now for pretend play with playsets, and also for building with the creative classic pieces.  In the right mood, he will stay at the table for quite a while and we can join in or get other things done.

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