Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 7 Prompt

Exercise / Fitness.

How are you staying active while being at home?  What does that look like for your family now?


  1. If a screen is involved (e-workouts), make sure that is in the frame, too
  2. Both indoor and outdoor activities count!


We’ve settled into some kind of rhythm now, and it includes outdoor time every day which has been nice, especially for our doggy, Jett.  He loves when we are all outside together.  The kids and I have also been taking morning walks.  Sometimes M walks with us, but the stress of making sure she doesn’t touch anything is a bit much, and J likes the longer walk with the “tree tunnel” we found.  Inside, I am TRYING to do some sort of yoga/stretching every day, but it is still hard to have me time.  I’ve made the kids part of it for as long as they will hang.  J likes to make up his own moves.


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