Stay at Home Photojournalism – Day 8 Prompt


OK we saw the pantry, now what are you eating?!  Do you find that you are cooking or baking more or are you utilizing take out?


  1. If you’re cooking, you can show that and the final result.
  2. Document where you are eating, too.

I figured out that my emotional state is linked to what food is available.  My every day snacks are seriously lacking and I am not loving it!  But on the flip side I very much enjoy cooking when there is nothing else to do, and we’re getting crafty.  We spend more time as a family in the kitchen, and eat all of our meals together (except Jeff has breakfast in the office if he’s running late for work).  I’m thankful for having variety and that we still have eggs.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so we loaded up on that (though the mini sausages are almost gone) and I recently pulled out a snack from my childhood – tuna and cheddar on Ritz – making do with shredded cheese as we were are saving slices for burgers.

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