The 3 Ps of Newborn Photography

Planning is paramount to picturesque photos

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The first of the ps of newborn photography, is planning. As with all things, when you have planned things out they are more likely to produce great results.  Newborn photos are no exception to the rule.  In-person consultation sessions, like those that Jennifer McNeil Photography conducts, help the couple decide on which poses they like best, what colors will match the decor in the nursery, and how to be mentally prepared for the session.  During the consult Jennifer reviews several different options for looks and setups.  Some are on bean bags, in prop boxes, or on plush rugs that may fit the style of photography her client looks for.  Jennifer will take down her notes on the setups that are going to work out best.  She wants to be sure to include as many setups as possible during the newborn photography session.  The other main area for note taking by the photographer is what colors the new parents want to have as the color palette for the baby photos.

Color Coordination is Key

The colors that will work best with richer dark wood tones may not be the same that will work with a lighter white wood flooring backdrop. These color choices are key not only for the baby’s themed nursery but also for the other locations where clients may want to hang work.  Some clients want large statement canvases or framed prints over the fireplace or along a staircase.  With a quick photo of the location, Jennifer can work her magic to bring in some highlighted colors into the setup for a seamless decor look.

The final item to discuss during the pre-session consultation is what to expect when you are there in the studio taking the newborn pictures.  The first thing to know is that the sessions do last 3-4 hours for full sessions, half and mini sessions are shorter and don’t cover as many setups.  During the session you are encouraged to feed your little boy or girl so they are super sleepy.  Sleepy babies make the best posers.  They are easier to wrap up, place in baskets and pose the smallest of fingers and toes for the best infant pictures you could ever hope for.  While the photos are being created by Jennifer, the parents can relax on the sofa, quietly talk, and may even assist in some poses to help give added support or safety during the session.  Sessions are interactive.  Above all with our little bundles of joy, we want them to be happy and safe during the photo session.  The first P of perfect newborn photos is all about planning the session and setting the flow correctly with the setups for photos, colors to match, and knowing what to expect.

Patience while posing pictures

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Once in the studio the second of the Ps for perfect newborn photos takes place, patience while posing.  Jennifer’s professional experience and her own two children have taught her all about patience when it comes to babies.  She has taken photos of more than 2,000 babies during her last 10 years and the lesson learned is to be patient with these little wonders.  Having the patience during the photo shoot to allow the baby to self-soothe or nurse-to-sleep is immensely helpful in getting these perfect newborn photos.  With fussy babies, there comes crying and waving their arms and kicking their legs.  These movements undo the tidy and meticulous wrapping done for the posed photo.  Happy, well fed, and comfortable babies are best for getting the desired looks and picturesque photos.

Soothing Baby

Jennifer has a few tricks up her sleeve to sooth baby when it comes to getting your little boy or little girl into a happy and content mood.  First is temperature.  Her heaters and air conditioning units help keep the studio at just the right temperature for the baby to be at ease when removed from their clothes and placed into a wrap or swaddle.  Second is a shusher to introduce some white noise into the shooting area to mask the movement of people and props around between looks.  Third is that she encourages all parents to be ready for lots of feeding when here, full bellies are a key component of happy babies.  Finally, there is a technique she learned while doing photos in the hospital for the newest of newborn pictures.  It is a little gentle rub of the nose and forehead tends to bring the eyelids down with ease.

All these things, plus a few more secret steps, are what separate professional newborn photographers from amateurs.  Professional photographers know what it takes to bring a family into their studio.  They know how to plan the photo session and practice safe poses.  They excel at producing amazing timeless photos of your little ones.  Trust your newborn photos to Jennifer McNeil Photography, she has definitely mastered the second Ps of newborn photography, patience.

Picking a polished photographer

These days with camera prices affordable by many, there are advertisements a plenty for photographers near you.  Simply type it into any search engine and you will get dozens of photographers.  Categories range from maternity, family, newborn, wedding, commercial, and so many more.  The question is, “Do they specialize in newborn photography”?  Their photos of couples on the beach look great. But, do they know how to safely wrap a baby?  Or how to swaddle them into a pose to support their neck and head weight?  Trust your photos to a polished photographer specializing in baby photos, like Jennifer McNeil.  If you haven’t read the blog post about choosing between a friend vs. a professional photographer, please do.  The best reasons articulated by some of Jenn’s clients are in this article.  To put it succinctly, professional photographers have the experience to be safe, nurturing, and skillful.  All of these traits are used to protect your baby during the newborn photography session.

Professional photographers have experience

Photographers without specialization in newborn photography may tend to rush the session and not let your little one settle.  They may incorporate some props, blankets or wraps which haven’t been thoroughly cleaned.  All of Jennifer’s studio items are washed after each session, disinfected and stored in a pet & smoking free studio.  Choosing the right photographer can be a difficult decision, but if you choose Jennifer McNeil Photography you can’t go wrong.

Follow the three ps of newborn photography and your experience will be one you will remember forever.  Remember how easy, enjoyable, and precious creating timeless newborn pictures was for your family. To learn more about sessions click here for the Session styling guide.  Or contact Jennifer McNeil Photography to begin booking your session today.


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