The Shelf Series, Newborn Photos by Jennifer McNeil Photography

Newborn Baby Watch-me-grow Story Session Shelf Series

Orange County newborn photographer Jennifer McNeil created a 12 month series of photos of her new son, Jordan.  Each session required creativity, styling and patience, for as he grew and developed crawling, standing and walking skills he was less inclined to stay in his posed position for the photo.

At her home studio she planned out the shelf series as a creative twist on a “watch me grow” baby photo session.  Countless likes, comments and shares of these photos were made on Jennifer’s business, Jennifer McNeil Photography  Facebook page.  View the photos below, which month do you like best?

Watch-me-grow photography sessions

Don’t worry, her little boy was safe in each photo she took.  The shelf looks like it is hung on a wall.  However, is actually taped down with clear packing tape sitting on the ground of her photo studio in Santa Ana, California.  Her son was laying on his back for most of the photos since he could not roll over, crawl or stand.  Month 6 where he is “hanging” from the shelf, he is actually crawling on the floor holding onto the shelf.  The perspective mixed with the normal mindset that this type of shelf is on a wall, not the floor, makes for an interesting watch-me-grow photo series.

During the first few months, Jordan was an easy baby to lay down and take photos of on the ground.  As he began to gain more skills and mobility, the shelf series had to adapt to his new skill set.  Month 5 he began to roll-over, during month 6 he learned to crawl, and in month 7 he could sit on his own.  From that point forward the question Jenn had for her husband was, “What other poses can we do for the shelf series?”  They came up with a Christmas themed month, then relaxing, headstand and finally a true standing photo.  He was standing at month 12 and eating his cupcake was oh so exciting for him during the photo shoot.

How to do your own Shelf Series at Home

Creativity is key with a shelf series, as there will be 12 photos you are going to be taking.  Be sure you can replicate the same location each month with the same background and props to show your little one’s growth during the year.  Editing these photos in Photoshop was simpler since it was on a white backdrop.  Use a blanket or sheet for some continuity if you like.  One word of caution, if you are going to take your own photos, plan ahead to avoid frustration.  If you find that taking them is becoming difficult and then opt for a professional, the look will change significantly.  While a professional can help you move forward and create future images, your baby will only continue to grow so the past ones cannot be redone.

Want to plan a special 12 month series with a professional?  Contact Jennifer McNeil photography to start at Month 1 for a quick 20-30 minute mini-session each month to capture your newborn baby photos right from the start.

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