Top Baby Gear

Top baby gear lists usually assume diapers and wipes. Beyond these necessities, a few other items will make your life with baby easier. I’m not a pediatrician, but in my personal experience and professional life as a baby photographer, I’ve discovered some terrific equipment.

  • TBaby Shusher Baby Gearhe parents of many of my smallest photography clients swear by the Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother. I’ve used it, too. Like the Tranquilo, the Baby Shusher is uses sound to soothe. Place it within two feet of baby and play its recording of “shhh” mimics what babies hear in the womb.
  • The Boppy pillow is probably the top baby gear many moms use the most. It lends a hand from nursing to tummy time to aiding in sitting independently for baby photos. You’ll use your Boppy pillow daily for a long time. Dads and caregivers may like to use the Boppy for supporting bottling sessions, and older siblings can use it to help safely hold the family’s newest member. The Boppy’s washable covers come in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • My Brest Friend also offers nursing support and washable covers, but unlike Boppy, it attaches with a strap to mom’s body to improve posture and back support. My Brest Friend provides a small pocket on the side for stowing little necessities.
  • A baby backpack lets you shop, clean, hike or run errands while wearing baby. Carrying the extra weight helps you lose more weight, too. Try on different models to find what you like best: cloth sling, front/back convertibles, or frame packs. Cloth baby slings may be worn from birth onward and keep baby snuggly, but they may not include pockets. Front/back-worn soft packs keep small babies near you, but usually require babies to have the ability to hold their heads up. Frame baby backpacks usually offer the most variety of positions, but babies must be big enough to hold up their heads. This style tends to feature more pockets and accommodates toddlers.
  • The Tranquilo Mat just may save your sanity, too. The battery operated mat mimics the vibration and sounds of the womb to soothe babies. Of course, the cover is machine washable and the waterproof mat wipes clean.
  • Tranquillo Mat for soothing newborn babies Baby GearIf your babe uses a pacifier, check out the classy paci clips at the Etsy site of MunchkinOfMine. This is top baby gear that both works well and loots snazzy. Not only do they keep The Plug on hand while showing your style, but the binky clips hardware is plastic, not metal, so it’s easier on baby’s skin. They’re machine washable, too.

If you have any baby gear recommendations, please let me know.Please note that I’m not a medical professional. Seek medical advice for your baby from your pediatrician.

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